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National Burn Association of SA

The National Burn Association SA, formerly the Thandi Foundation was constituted in January 2008 as a Voluntary Association and registered as a Non Profit Organisation in May 2010, to promote Burn Safety Awareness and Emotional Rehabilitation of Burn Survivors. We subscribe to the Department of Social Development Code of Good Practices and Transparent Governance and our Advisory Board oversees the functions of management.

house on fire

What we do


The first objective of the NBASA is to disseminate information to the people of South Africa on how to prevent deaths, injuries and property loss due to fires and burns (According to Fire Protection Association of South Africa 2013 stats, insured losses exceed R 2 billion per annum).

The second objective is to emotionally support those affected by burns ( abt 44 000 burns incidents per annum Markinor survey 2013).

Reach Out

Our activities are being severely hampered by Covid-19, but if you need information or feel that we might be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.