From Scars to Strength – My Journey of Resilience and Purpose

Kimberly Molala in a beautiful dress

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I’m Kimberly Molala, I’m 37 years old, I was involved in a fire accident 24 years ago. Life became challenging post hospitalization, trying to adjust to a new journey of my life, it meant making new friends and overcoming stares, being mocked, people talking behind my back and randomly explaining and proving to myself that I was fine, even though at times I wasn’t.

The turning point was realizing that my soul is still intact therefore it is validation that I have purpose and I will not allow my scars to define my journey further. I have visible scars on my face and hands that are disfigured, every time I look into the mirror, I am reminded that yesterday was not all right but that today is perfect with its imperfections, positive affirmations have helped me navigate through challenging times. The visible scars are the reminder of my life long physical & emotional challenges; they are reminders that we can heal no matter what happens to us.

I joined NBASA back in 2012 with the purpose of finding people I could relate to and support. Joining the organization helped me in the path of regaining my confidence and has exposed me to safe spaces where I have been given the opportunity to share my journey by touching and saving troubled souls that have gone through similar challenges however finding it very hard to navigate through life post burns.

I am currently employed by the organization that believed in my potential, I started working as a receptionist back in 2011 and currently I am a Talent Acquisition Partner, I have also managed to further my studies and completed a degree in Human Resource Management with the University of South Africa and currently pursuing BCom Honours Degree in Business Management.

I am also a mother to a teenager who looks up to me, we eventually become what we look up to and that is the legacy I would like to live behind that she can become anything she would want to, work hard to attain her dreams no matter what challenges can be presented on the way and live life to the fullest.

I am blessed to have had supportive family members throughout the journey, also not forgetting friends and people I have crossed paths with helping me in different ways to make life better, I am still working towards becoming the best version of myself, my next plan is to write a book that will be titled #LifeBeyondScars. I love my scars because they have stayed with me longer than most people have and longer than I have lived. Beauty with a purpose, I share my story to inspire others. I would be nothing without God, I was saved by grace and will of God to save others.

I am Kimberly Thato Molala

Kimberly Molala
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