Nombulelo Maqhutyana – Looking Back… Moving Forward

by | Oct 30, 2023

I’m Nombulelo Vokwana Maqhutyana,I’m 37 years old,joined NBASA in 2008,introduced by Tar Ace (Andile Majola) the journey to my freedom began

I joined met Shaz and Mr Colin then other burn survivors Phindi,Mary,Kim and others we were sisters and brothers with lot of talents,2009 we went to the Camp that was great therapy guys, we met lot of people, did exercises when I say lot of people I’m talking about people with titles,our Directors Shaz and Colin did a great job we even got jobs,I worked at call center for 5 years as Quality Assessor all thanks to the Organization

Organization did a lot for me, I even went to counseling and through it all I began to accept myself with scars,I couldn’t care for people that always staring at me,I’m in control of life now I walk freely where ever I go

Then the call center I worked at has closed so 2013 I came back home which is Eastern Cape,I tried to recruit but unfortunately I didn’t succeed.

I’ve got married with my Ex that was dating in high school 😍, he was so supportive about the group but then u can’t have Organization without members,then we started our business as liquor trader,still things became hectic again because people started to undermine me as his wife and his business partner they saw me as minor to him, it’s became heavy again but he always there for me and always makes me know that I’m his queen,I’m mother of 2 boys ❤️I always teach them about my scars so that when someone laughs at them because of me they used to that so they don’t feel offended

I’m still 100% committed to the Organization and it will be great to have it here in the Cape,I still introduce myself as the Ambassador because I am 1

In all that I am today even if it’s not much I want to thank God he knew before I was born what he has for me. Then I wanna thank my Mother she was with me through it all (Ndiyabulela Mancilashe).

The Youth on Fire crew, my Aunt Monki and my cousin Shungu because without them I was not gonna be in Orange Farm.

Nombulelo Vokwana Maqhutyana
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