Rekindling Connections: The Unexpected Reunion with a Burn Survivor from Our Past Camp

by | Nov 20, 2023

Sometimes, when you least expect it, but may need it, an incident from the past pops into your life. Such was the case this Saturday upon meeting Candice Overmeyer, a burn survivor from Ocean View. In the first few minutes of interaction, Candice told Sharon and me that she had been at a burn survivor camp some 23 years ago. It turns out that it was one of our camps. Imagine our surprise. No wonder we didn’t recognise one another, that’s a long time.

Her memories of the camp, as she recalled the experience, were a wonderful reminder to me of how one can make a positive impact on another person just by providing them with a safe and caring platform with which they can process their traumas and know that they are not alone in dealing with them.

That affirmation gave me renewed strength to continue NBASA’s mission, to be a friend to burn survivors and to eradicate burns through public education.

Candice Overmeyer and Sharon Jones
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