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Other versions of the viral claim feature images of an officer with a patch that reads "SRT," according to Stephanie Dube Dwilson, writer for Heavy.com. Sign up here, Oregon governor, federal authorities reach agreement to begin withdrawing agents from Portland, Reporting on a deadly airstrike in Afghanistan, Federal agents, officers head to Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee as Operation Legend expands, "Federal agents in unmarked cars, 'wall of moms': Here's what's happening in Portland", Mathieu Lewis-Rolland, July 21, 2020, tweet, "Jeh Charles Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, 2013 - 2017", "Russian spies and back channels: Media reports point to pair of Trump associates", "Mercenaries, Private Military Contractors Can Destabilize Rule of Law, Expert Tells Third Committee, amid Calls to End Racism, Respect Migrant Rights", Department of Homeland Security Briefing on Protests in Portland, Marc A. Morgan, July 17, 2020, tweet thread, "ZT1 Patch on Portland Agent in Viral Photo Is an Identifier for Anonymity", Frontline, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Vol. The post, which has gone viral on social media sites like Facebook, shows what looks like a federal agent in a camo-uniform in Portland wearing a U.S. Marshalls patch and a patch that looks like it says either “ZT-I” or “ZT-1.” Other posts show an agent with a patch that reads “SRT,” with similar paramilitary claims. The article says they are not mercenaries. American groups including NeverTrump operation the Lincoln Project served as Iran’s American foot soldiers, buying into the disinformation and amplifying it. Mark A. Morgan, senior official performing the duties of the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said during a July 21 Department of Homeland Security briefing that he authorized and supported anonymity for officers acting in a federal capacity in Portland. Regardless, we don't know who these people are. This is a unique identifier associated with the agent's name, according to Morgan. "Their leadership has, for months, lost control of the anarchists and agitators. "These criminal actions will not be tolerated.".

It is also false to claim that former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson implicated Erik Prince or Blackwater in a televised interview. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler criticized the federal response. CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan tweeted the agency will continue to arrest "violent criminals that are destroying federal property." The lawsuit asks a judge to declare the federal officers' actions unlawful. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Since the media refuse to ask Biden vital questions about his son’s email, among other things, Trump will have to do so on the debate stage. Oregon Gov. Some Portland community leaders and activists held a press conference with the Portland Police Association outside the building Sunday to ask for the violence and destruction to end. Another article on what ZTi is and who they are affliated with: https://www.thecourierdaily.com/zt1-zti-portland-homeland-security-patch-military/22980/. As Acting Commissioner, I will not let that happen!" He tweeted: "DHS officers were assaulted with lasers and frozen water bottles from violent criminals attempting to tear down federal property. The patch says ZT1, not ZTI. More:Federal agents, officers head to Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee as Operation Legend expands. Prince is a former Navy SEAL, the brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the founder of military contractor Blackwater, USA TODAY reported. UPDATE: This is now an unlawful assembly.

So, they're not only jeopardizing the lives of the agents, but they're jeopardizing the lives of their families as they're putting out their home information and they're suggesting that individuals go to their homes," said Morgan of protesters. Instead what we have though is a personal identifier. More:Reporting on a deadly airstrike in Afghanistan. While responding to Maddow's question about whether people are overreacting to federal police presence in Portland, Johnson explained that most protection services agents are contractors. Twardosz also mentioned Blackwater in his post. Someday we’ll hear about “being in the shit” in Portland. First, on mercenaries: Saeed Mokbil, Chairperson-Rapporteur for the United Nations' Working Group on mercenaries and human rights violations, said mercenary-related activities undermine target 16.2 of U.N. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy.

What all this shows is that we are our own worst enemy," he wrote. "ZTI is a private company that provides armed and other security-related personnel to their clients which include Homeland Security, the Dept. "Interestingly, most members of the federal protection service are actually private contractors. ", More:Oregon governor, federal authorities reach agreement to begin withdrawing agents from Portland. — Aurora Police Dept.‍♀️‍♂️ (@AuroraPD) July 26, 2020. This is some real scary shit. One man, who only identified himself as Pat, said he lives three houses away from the PPA building. Close. We all should be extremely worried.”. While that unrest was happening on the north side of Portland, "another large crowd was downtown near the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse," police said. US Attorney Billy J. Williams of the District of Oregon has requested a federal investigation, and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against DHS. Further north in the Colorado town of Eaton, one man attempted to drive his car through a pro-police rally, hitting participants. A safe route is south on the AMC lawn towards Alameda. If Joe Biden is elected president, the scrutiny of his email scandal will only intensify. The identity of the anonymous federal officers was scrutinized in the media after violent encounters with protesters in Portland. And then, in addition to that, what the acting secretary has done is to also deploy components of Immigration (and) Customs Enforcement and Customs Border Protection that are specially trained for special operations. Former Vice President Joe Biden will take the debate stage for the final time tonight as new questions surrounding his son’s overseas business ventures explode.


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