today you die movie review
Now in prison, Harlan is very eager to get revenge on the men who framed him, and in the meantime he makes a friend with fellow inmate Ice Kool (Anthony 'Treach' Criss), and they plan their escape. Of course as a one time fan who has become increasingly disgruntled I can say it comes as no surprise that this is pretty lame. Like everyone else, I've watched another Seagal film. *1/2, Seagal, once again he wants out of something. Finally! I give a lot of credit to the director Don E. Fauntleroy. Sure, when you decide to be nick picky like that, you’re going to find faults with just about anyone. Metacritic Reviews. Seagal does make a not too bad double-edged anti-hero, the dialogue I will agree could be much improved, but as long as their were enough action, chase and explosive sequences you can't complain too much, an alright action drama. Here with his third film released this year. Chances are slim, unlike Seagal's ever expanding waistline. The writers, Danny Lerner and Kevin Moore, understood the way an action film works and they just really packed this movie with explosions and action along with some fun dialogue. The story here is totally lame. Seagal does however feel the need to talk like he is a gangsta rapper, making me long for the days he would don his Brooklyn/Italian-American accent, in his classic early films. With Steven Seagal, Anthony 'Treach' Criss, Sarah Buxton, Mari Morrow. Today You Die is a pretty poor movie, however with stuff like Submerged and particularly Out for a Kill, Seagal has done worse. It’s a good thing that Seagal can fight. All in all, a poor film but not among Seagal's worst. not nearly often enough. It's been 3 months and you know what that means...A new Seagal movie. They were funny together and the dialogue really worked well. Gotta have someone to lay all those cringe-inducing lines on, man, and there are plenty. I could see him fit nicely in a slot on The Sopranos where his overweight body, jowly features and sullen attitude could have found a home. Stuff from a Peter Weller film is in here, along with shots from Van Damme's THE ORDER, and you have to wonder just what the heck is going on when Seagal's using a body double for much of the running time. In the slammer he meets Ice Cool (Treach) who can help him escape. Okay, you’ve got me curious about Today You Die. In such films they struggle to maintain that dangerous demeanor that made their early work successful, but they all end in failure.

The plot: A thief tries to go straight but is tricked into performing one last heist, which lands him in prison. Frankly, I have never heard about this movie before. If he didn’t, he would have been corn-holed on the first night…especially with that long hair of his. "Today You Die" is another ridiculous action film from Seagal. We are tired of seeing Segal play the same rolls. No Code Of Conduct, Undisputed, and also an entire action sequence from the little known Peter Weller starring vehicle Top Of The World. I often point to the effort of Seagal because it comes and it goes. Seagal is too old for this type of role but he wont let matter how silly he looks. 3/10 Bethany Cox. All he has to do is drive the car and it seems simple. A previous reviewer mentioned this but the usage of stock footage was quite obvious. I’m not about to waste valuable review space defending the Man against the Seagalaholics who have fallen off the wagon – movies like Today You Die can do it much more effectively.

By Geno McGahee DEEP IN THE WOODS is a French horror film that is incredibly artistic and strange.

| I may sound biased, but I don't like Steven Seagal(except for Under Siege and a couple of others) and most of the direct-to-video releases he's done. And what did his girlfriend's dreams have to do with anything else in the plot? Almost as if there was an unexpected explosion in whatever department is supposed to handle plot and character development you can almost see bits of "what might have been" scatter all over the place. After being impressed with Dolph Lundgren in The Russian Specialist (as well as Van Damme in Wake Of Death) I finally got around to watching this movie which was still on my TiVo for like two months.

Ah yet another Seagal movie.In no less than a few mere months arrive to populate the video store shelves.As bad as Submerged?No.But that is not saying much.Like perfume on a pig. He’s got a hot girlfriend, Jada (Mari Morrow), that is always worried for him and his lifestyle. Surely the fans must be getting bored of this awfulness, longing for a return to the likes of Above The Law. (Without a trial I mind you). Interestingly the car chase stolen from Weller's epic, made almost 10 years ago and ironically probably cheaper than this garbage, is actually by far the best action scene of the film. Sign up here. When Harlan escapes he dishes out some revenge to the bad guys. Seagal is in his usual appearance, big, quietly voiced guy, who goes around and does nothing just nothing. BUT: Compared to his last movies like Submerged, Into the sun and other, well not so really good movies this one is a real masterpiece. The photography and editing aren't as slipshod or as dull as they can be, Nick Mancuso is good and the final explosion is spectacular.

I usually spend almost as much time writing my reviews as I do watching the film, but with Today You Die, I feel that doing so would be a criminal waste of my time. Why I don't know but we never see her at all in the rest of the movie, or hear her mentioned. Treach is an extremely likable character and seems above this, gotta respect him for trying at least. He escapes to find guys who put him in there, on the way out he joins forces with Ice Cool (Anthony Criss) and that's it Seagal is a thief who seeks vengeance, like in the most of his films (minus the thief).
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