the parade by eggers

His point here is his own, and if it not as accessible as some of his other works, I'll keep reading anything he writes. His novel may be sternly reduced in terms of its cast and language, but this leanness doesn’t diminish the strength of its argument.
Predictably, Nine begins to screw up more or less as soon as Four gets the RS-90 into gear. The story is narrated by Four, the older and more experienced of the two men. He is the founder of McSweeney’s, an independent publishing company based in San Francisco that produces books, a quarterly journal of new writing (McSweeney’s Quarterly. The two lead characters are known only as “four” and “nine” and they are employed by “the Company”. "Four" is a straight-laced professional focused on doing the best job he can, as quickly as he can. But it is very well written, and an excellent read. Please try again. It's set in an unknown war-torn country where a long civil war has just ended. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published I thought of the two main characters as Americans and the setting as being in Africa, but that might be partly down to the accents adopted by the narrator in the audio version. Four just wanted to do his job. Four is a straight-shooter, intent on completing his work on time and minimizing any obstacles that would slow down reaching that goal. It starts of a bit slowly, but halfway through it starts getting more and more interesting and this short novel ends with a bang! The resolution of these conflicts makes for compelling reading and creates an underlying current of stress throughout the book. And it’s as exciting to read as it sounds!

My actual rating is 4.5 for this masterful piece of storytelling by Dave Eggers. When Dave Eggers wants to make a point, he writes a book. Find all the books, read about the author and more. However, the end is fantastic!
Road to understanding … San Miguel, Colorado. I thought it was fine. I’ve had a love/hate – or more accurately, like/dislike – relationship with Dave Eggers’ work since cracking A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius nearly two decades ago. I have read several books so far this year that I've given 5 stars. Some will see at as cynical, some hopeful, still others will see it just as a waste of time. Their personalities are almost opposites: Four is robotic, work-fixated and nicknamed “The Clock”; Nine is “an agent of chaos”. Dave Eggers in the McSweeney’s office, which he founded, in San Francisco. No Kindle device required. But, I loved the book and the scenario set up of two foreign workers in a war torn country trying to lay down a new road in the countryside, dealing with the locals, customs, hostilities, and each other. The Parade, his latest novel for adults, is a brief parable about war and its aftermath, designed principally to show that efforts at reconstruction can involve or even allow further strife. This novella offers an allegorical take on Western assistance in developing nations: Two contract workers, only referred to as Four and Nine, are sent to an unnamed country marred by civil war in order to complete a strategically important road, hoping their project would help connect people and enable locals and NGOs to transport important goods like food and medicine.


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