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Going against Captain America's wishes, Black Knight joins several other team members in an effort to destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence, which is revealed to have been responsible for the war and the bomb. The weapon is also an effective defense against ranged mystical attacks as it can absorb eldritch energy. At the behest of corrupt forces within the Vatican, this new Black Knight becomes part of an invasion of the fictional nation of Wakanda. Black Knight makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Come the Conquerer". Captain America leaves the Avengers after the team kills the Supreme Intelligence — the ruler of the alien Kree Empire — and the Black Knight leads the team in Cap's absence. After the 1992 event Operation: Galactic Storm, the Black Knight becomes a much more prominent member of the team. After two unsuccessful battles with the Avengers, the second time of which he was broken out of jail by the Enchantress,[9] he battled Iron Man due to Doctor Doom's mind-control machine (which made supervillains attack Mister Fantastic's and the Invisible Woman's wedding, which the affected villains subsequently forget due to a machine created by Mister Fantastic). Recruited by the wizard Merlin, Percy adopts a double identity, and pretends to be very incompetent until changing into the persona of the Black Knight. The Secret Wars event included the Weirdworld miniseries, and a short-lived ongoing series followed. Eobar Garrington When Dane Whitman eventually takes up the mantle of the Black Knight, he isn't the first of Sir Percy's ancestors to do so. Black Knight was a recruitable character during the British Invasion event of this mobile app game. Dane Whitman will appear in the live-action Eternals movie, portrayed by former Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington. He joins the Heroes for Hire for a time, and with them fights the High Evolutionary and discovers the New Men at Wundagore Mountain. He also possesses proficient tactical and strategic skills. Hasbro released a Black Knight figure for the Marvel Universe line. Black Knight has no exceptional superhuman abilities; he possesses the typical physical attributes of an athletic man of his age. She offered her help, but he refused. Champion of Avalon While Brian offers Excalibur's aid, Dane states that this is something he must do alone. Like in Marvel's prime reality, the alternate Dane and Sersi become lovers, but eventually, that universe's Sersi leaves Dane. In the Ultimate universe, Dane Whitman is a former soldier who was rendered a quadriplegic while serving his country. Of all the Marvel characters who've been known as the Black Knight, most come to wield the powerful Ebony Blade. At the end of those issues no full explanation was given. When they arrive, Dane is once again in control of his own body as Sir Percy, possessing his original body, greets them. Arguably, no supervillain in all of superhero comics is more in need of learning to let go than Proctor. So he replaced it with a different sword, so Dane didn't even know it was missing. In a 2005 Black Panther storyline, yet another version of the Black Knight emerges, and while this one seems to believe he's literally working on the side of angels, he chooses strange bedfellows. Shocked, they walk out of the cave, leaving Cain alone. He is found to be worthy of wielding the Ebony Blade, and returns to America with it. Whitman also possesses the Sword of Light and Shield of Night, bestowed upon him by the Lady of the Lake. [22], Black Knight was later seen with the Young Masters where they are seen as members of the Shadow Council's Masters of Evil, which is led by Baron Helmut Zemo following Max Fury's death.[23]. He fights alongside his allies, and wounds Exodus with his sword. It soon came to light that Proctor was a version of Black Knight from an alternate reality who had traveled into the mainstream Marvel Universe reality to seek revenge on the Sersi of that reality. Thankfully, Wakanda is the last nation on Earth you want to invade, and both du Lac and his comrades are defeated. Black Panther takes the Ebony Blade and defeats him. [28], The apparent "Last Knight" is Ernst Wythim, a member of the lineage from around 2600 AD.[29]. Actually, the first character the Avengers meet who calls himself the Black Knight is a villain. Like many of the Marvel heroes of today, Sir Percy keeps his identity as the Black Knight a secret. Like Garrett, this incarnation is a villain, and appears to possess the Ebony Blade. Both the Black Knight and Captain America are captured by Baron Helmut Zemo and his cohorts, but they eventually manage to free themselves. For example, the victim can slowly lose their mobility until they're completely paralyzed. Though the peace negotiations are successful, much of the Kree Empire is destroyed by a bomb detonated by the Skrulls. Though their Gann Josin bond was now severed, the Black Knight accompanied her to the Ultraverse because he still had feelings for her and out of a sense of duty to her. Sean wields the Ebony Blade against men assaulting Whitman Manor in 1993's Avengers Annual #22, and the sword's blood curse transforms Sean into Bloodwraith. A romantic relationship ensues that's fated to have some violent consequences. In the 2020 event Empyre, Marvel revealed the sword has a power no one knew about. With a long list of powers including superhuman strength, telepathy, and teleportation — along with his band of followers, the Gatherers — he almost succeeds, but ultimately, it's Sersi who kills Proctor. Publication history. However he exposed himself one day when he brutally murdered a criminal. "[25] These Black Knights are: Later in "The Last Days of Camelot", Sir Percy reveals to Dane that he was not the first Black Knight and that eight knights had carried the Ebony Blade before him, the last being King Arthur's cousin Sir Reginald. The Eternal known as Sersi has always been one of the flirtiest members of her super-powered family, and she's no different while she's a member of the Avengers. Dane eventually chooses Sersi over Crystal, though it's clear the choice isn't purely out of love. [38] Crystal retrieved the original Blade, and The Vision threatened to destroy it if Bloodwraith didn't surrender. A scientist like his uncle, Whitman uses his skills and his family's ancient castle to realize his promise to his uncle. In the 2017 event Secret Empire, Dane led another team outside America. In the Ultraverse, Black Knight becomes the leader of the Ultraforce and fights alongside them for some time. View full history. He is notably intelligent, particularly in areas of science and especially in physics. [17], He had his own version of Aragorn to use as a steed. It isn't until Dane helps the Avengers defeat the time-traveling warlord Kang in 1969's Avengers #71 that Earth's mightiest heroes finally call him a friend. Black Knight spent some time with the Defenders in their early days as a team (or "non-team," as they were advertised). However Arthur was the King, and Camelot needed his steady rule. Like his uncle, he joins the Masters of Evil but does it to infiltrate the group and spoil their plans. [7] Merlin ensures that Percy's spirit will live on by casting a spell that will revive his ghost if Mordred should ever return. Black Knight joins the Defenders, and is seemingly killed when he kisses the Enchantress and turns to stone. He's been cursed, he's ruled other worlds, and when necessary, he's made war on his fellow Avengers. Just as he did with the Avengers after Operation: Galactic Storm, Black Knight eventually assumes leadership of the team. Dane picks up the weapon in order to continue fighting. The original Black Knight is Sir Percy of Scandia, a 6th-century knight who serves at the court of King Arthur as his greatest warrior. Back at their headquarters, Dane has elected to leave. Informing Ultimate Nullifier that she was going to leave the Young Masters and had plans that did not involve evil, she left the Young Masters' base leaving behind the CIA file for Nullifier. After being released from his cryogenic stasis, Black Knight battled Thor. In his final breaths, Garrett expresses regret for his criminal acts and makes Whitman promise to redeem him. This was until the Avengers eventually made it there and apprehended him. The Vatican sent a new Black Knight assassin (Augustine du Lac) to kill Black Panther, who took it from the Knight for his own uses. The Black Knight is the alias of several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. He declines the offer, and travels to England where he has inherited a castle. He returns after defeating Fomor and sealing the portal between Earth and Avalon. [11] A dying Garrett reveals his secret identity to his nephew, Dane Whitman, and repents for his life of crime. The original Black Knight's descendant and the supervillain Black Knight's nephew, he inherited a mystical sword that … [40], During War of the Realms event, when Malekith attacked Black Knight, Union Jack and Spitfire, he acquired the Ebony Blade and was ready to kill them until the War Avengers arrived.[41]. We're touching on this in New Excalibur #14–15.[43]. Garrett was seriously wounded in a fight with Iron Man, and on his deathbed, expressed his wish that his nephew might restore the family legacy by making the 'Black Knight' a hero once again. However, Garrett's criminal career is short compared to those of his Masters of Evil colleagues. 3) #37 and New Excalibur #10. When the Kill Krew travels to Svartalfheim — home of the Dark Elves — they find Black Knight already there, tearing through every Dark Elf soldier he can find. Now, since the imposter wasn't an idiot, he knew that if he outright stole the sword, Dane would come looking for it. One of the most recent and strangest team-ups the Black Knight has been a part of unfolds in the 2019-20 miniseries Punisher Kill Krew. [31] He later shows up in Ultimate Comics: New Ultimates, alongside the super-powered Defenders from a mysterious source. Bidding farewell to his friend, Dane leaves. While his adventures are set in the distant past, Sir Percy has a lot in common with more modern superheroes. The blade was shown to have been carved from a meteor, and enchanted by the wizard Merlin for Sir Percy of Scandia, the first Black Knight. In 1995, Percy had a cameo in Namor #60 as part of the Atlantis Rising story. His soul is revealed to have traveled back to the twelfth century, where he inhabited the body of one of his ancestors. In fact, the explosive 1973 Avengers/Defenders War event revolved, in part, around the Defenders' attempts to free the Black Knight, who'd been turned into a stone statue. Afterwards, they rejoin their fellow Avengers and are able to defeat the Masters of Evil.


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