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In the original Dark Forces, you took control of Kyle Katarn: a mercenary, hired to aid the Rebel Alliance. With the scores of 91, 96, and 93, the Mass Effect saga averages out to a 93. But the developer has done a bang up job, taking Lara back to her roots, when she was just a lost girl looking for answers behind her dad's disappearance while coming to terms with her innate skepticism. If the rumors are true, the remaster will be releasing next month, and if that happens? It’s a great goal to reach as it follows the basic act structure of having a beginning, middle, and an end. The stealth-based action-adventure series put players in the shoes of one of the greatest super soldiers gaming has ever known, Solid Snake as he fights to protect the world from being ruled by sentient artificial intelligence and mobile bipedal tanks with enough nukes to decimate several small countries. It has refreshing gunplay and an excellent hand-to-hand combat system. In the second game, Geralt must stop a regicidal assassin whose preternatural abilities seem to mirror his own. But of course, not every game balances difficulty and fair gameplay as well as Dark Souls, which is what other companies need to take away from this series. The story defies easy summary, but basically, you follow Shion and her party as they do battle with villains who have big, existential plans for the entire universe. With the scores of 89, 86, and 87, Max Payne averages out to another 87. Now while we do know a fourth Metroid Prime game is coming we can only assume it will attempt to start a new story since it has been so long since these launched. — Rami Tabari. The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is likely to be announced this year, and BioWare should make a few changes to companion characters. The first entry is all about setting up the universe, making you care about it and feel like it's a part of your actual reality. In addition to introducing two new playable races, Warcraft III also introduced an ambitious narrative about heroes like Thrall, villains like Arthas, and a demonic invasion of Azeroth that would take many World of Warcraft expansions to fully resolve. — Marshall Honorof, Halo didn't just put the original Xbox on the map, it also proved that console first-person shooters could hold their own against their PC contemporaries. — Mike Andronico, Xenosaga is not exactly a trilogy, as PS1 cult-classic Xenogears was supposed to be the fifth episode in a sixth-part series. — Marshall Honorof, "Prepare to Die" is the line that introduces you to the very first Dark Souls game, which is basically a disclaimer. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. — Henry T. Casey, Kyle Katarn may not be part of the Star Wars canon anymore, but this affable smuggler-turned-Jedi will always remind us of better days. — Mike Andronico, Sonic's world is so fast-pacet that he gained a new major counterpart in each sequel. This year actually marks the 10th anniversary of Batman: Arkham Asylum’s debut. My answer? But outside of a lone Lombax and his robot companion trying to make their way in the world, what made each of the Ratchet & Clank games stand out were the innovative weapons.

— Marshall Honorof, Just after the Metal Gear Solid franchise put the stealth-action genre on the map, Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series showed up to elevate it to new heights.


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