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METHOD Piggy SUBJECT ROBLOX High School - NEW STUDENTS' FIRST DAY! There are no differences from the "Piggy" skin in the shop, only the torso is blue Not Red. The player unlocks the train in the Metro, Bunny tell the player that Mr. P has given her a potion and she could possibly turn into a monster (this happened to Doggy but off screen), The player doesn't care but Bunny tells the player that you should leave her behind, forcing you to leave bunny behind. The player and George leave Mr. P behind and meet up with Zizzy and Pony, who survived the huge wave of monsters, they all start looking for a cure.

Copied; Likes (3) Comments (0) Copied; Likes (3) Like 3. Plus, You will learn about Items, Skins, and more! 64. It's glowing part of the eyes is White too.

GENERAL INFORMATION Roblox Piggy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Story (Spoilers) Chapter 1: House Beginning . The "Little Brother" is a reference to George Pig from Peppa pig. George Pig saw Penny Pig, his sister, and called out to her.

Mr. P explains how he tried to help his wife, Ms. P. He went to the hospital to help cure a illness she had. Peppa

A sample of the cure (substance 128) was unstable, but Mr. P didn't listen, and gave it to the Piggy family (except George), who volunteered as test subjects. Games of Roblox Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gallery. The results came, it showed that they were getting stronger. Join the community. The icon for Piggy. The player and bunny make it out of the hospital and into the Metro, Bunny starts feeling tired so they stop, Bunny rests while the player gets chased by a monster. THEME Now the player has to get a picture of Ms. P and bring it to Mr. P, afterwards Mr. P realizes that the player and George Piggy are real, the player then has two choices, leave Mr. P behind, or help him.

", From there the player(s) must open up the garage, The player(s) meet Doggy, they escape by driving out of the station and into the city, After running out of gas and being completely surrounded by monsters the player(s) and Doggy flee into the nearby gallery, 1 or 2 piggy(s) follow them inside, The player(s) and Doggy escape the gallery and run off into the wild hoping to not be followed by the monsters, 4 weeks later the player(s) and Doggy are staying at a camping ground, Doggy tells the player(s) to go to sleep, three sounds play, Doggy barking, a gulping sound, and the sound of glass breaking, the player(s) wake up to see that doggy has became a monster, The player(s) end up escaping piggy and Doggy, before they left a walkie-talkie went off, The player(s) end up taking the walkie-talkie, the person behind the communications reveals himself to be Mr. P, he tells the player(s) about a friend who is stuck in a school, and when they save her they should meet him in the sewer, the player(s) meet Bunny who can knock out Piggy by giving her a carrot, the player(s) and Bunny go to they sewer and meet Mr. P, When the player(s) and Bunny arrive they meet up with Mr. P, the player(s) don't feel good and they black out, the end of the cut scene shows us that we are in a hospital now, The player wakes up to see Bunny beside them, Bunny tells the player it's not safe and Mr. P is waiting for them on the roof, The player and Bunny make it up to the roof to find out Mr. P has left, leaving everyone behind in the process.
We are an official FANDOM community for creating Roblox Creepypastas. Piggy is one of the biggest roblox games of all time and is created by Minitoon with the assistance of IK3As and TenuousFlea. A chapter is released every week along with 2 skins. 4/10 N/A Players who are caught by Piggy will immediately be killed and is drawn back by a second per swing. Behavior. Piggy Mr. P believes the player and George Pig are his memories coming back to haunt him, so he tries shooting the player with his arm that has a gun on it, The player now has to prove to Mr. P that you and George Piggy are real, The player places dynamite in the center of the power plant, when it explodes the hallways of the chapter change into different locations from different chapters. Piggy is a multiplayer horror puzzle game created by MiniToon. Ms. P eventually started to become hostile too, and the last time he saw her she had red glowing eyes, Mr. P said that the end of the story, The player and George Piggy then leave Mr. P behind and the good ending cutscene starts playing. RELATED PAGES The Piggy Crossover is a collaboration between the hit Roblox games Jailbreak and Piggy. George Pig wakes up from a nightmare. Get Amino. Other killers are able to activate set down bear traps, including Piggy herself. When this happens, the killer that stepped in the bear trap usually ends up with a much laggier AI. 34.

THREAT LVL Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Piggy creeps behind the player then hits them with a bat, then the player(s) wake up in a bedroom, The player(s) manage to escape the house and they run to the closest police station. It is usually a parody between Granny and Peppa Pig. Piggy, the most famous Roblox horror game in 2020 is getting a really big hit.

After making it to the station the speaker goes off, "Attention, There is a monster in the station, get to the garage! RELATED Roblox Creepypasta Wiki Sharing 2,412 pastas, 7,731 files, and 239,086 contributions since 2011. Piggy had a large assortment of skins and chapters and news has spread of Piggy 2 coming out soon. After getting off of the train the player goes off into Mr. P's Amusement park searching for him, until a Piggy attacks them, The player(s) flees to the exit to find Pony and Zizzy who then tell the player that they have a safe place to stay, Zizzy and Pony show the player where the safe house is, they have to turn off the defenses to get in, The player, Zizzy, and Pony make it past the defenses and explain their backstories. Comment . Piggy will run towards players at a not too fast speed. Little Brother, Zizzy, Torcher, Mr. P. Piggy is a Killer in Midnight Horrors added in Version 1.7. Suddenly he wakes up in the room where he was found in the Mall, revealing that the past events were all a nightmare. Any players who steps on the traps will temporarily be incapacitated, making them vulnerable and at high risk of death if Piggy is nearby. After hearing about the results Mr. P gave the substance 128 to Ms. P. The side effects of substance 128 caused the Piggy family to become hostile, but Mr. thought it had nothing to do with the cure. KILLER This game has its own wiki, see it here.

Share to. Piggy is a Killer in Midnight Horrors added in Version 1.7. Piggy will run towards players at a not too fast speed. Piggy is Granny styled horror game based off of the popular kids show "Peppa Pig" where players must use various items to escape Piggy and get out of each situation, you can play Piggy here, Player- One Random player is given the role of Piggy and must hunt down all other players, Bot- The Piggy ends up being a bot and all other Players are given the role of survivals, Player + Bot- This time two Piggies spawn in, one being a player, the other being a bot, together the player and bot hunt down the survival, The players (Police officers) are searching for piggy,george after he went missing in house (Chapter 1). I want to tell you my story, but you wouldn't believe me" says Mr. P, The player asks Mr. P to tell them the story. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The maps and modes are voted on by the players, there are currently 7 chapters and 3 Piggy modes as of 21/3/20. Roblox ist eine Computerspielplattform, auf der Nutzer ihre eigenen Spiele erschaffen und mit Nutzern aus aller Welt spielen können. George falls to the floor, saying he doesn't feel too well, and his eyes glow red. The player and Zizzy bring George to the safe house and meet up with the other survivors, The Pony, Zizzy, and the player find the outpost where the helicopter signal was discovered, Before The Player, Pony, and Zizzy head into a building to find Mr. P, George Piggy shows up, and a huge crowd of monsters followed him, Pony and Zizzy defend the building while the Player and George Piggy head into the building to discover that Mr. P has been turned into a robot. Similar to The Neighbor, she is capable of deploying traps in her footsteps.
Piggy is a multiplayer horror puzzle game created by MiniToon. A strange noise comes from the dumpster, The player and Zizzy go to investigate, The thing hiding behind the dumpster runs off and into the nearby Mall, While there Zizzy and the player get attacked by a Robot Piggy, The player and Zizzy manage to get through the room where it was hiding, The thing ends up being George Piggy (character you were looking for in chapter 1). Piggy is the main antagonist of the Roblox horror game with the same name. (ROBLOX Roleplay) 1, Roblox High School Episode 1 High School Race, HOW TO GET EVERY EGG IN THE ROBLOX EGG HUNT 2017, HOW TO GET EVERY EGG IN THE ROBLOX EGG HUNT 2017-0, Related wiki commissions.

ORIGIN Infection- When Piggy Kills a player it turn into another piggy Traitor- There is a piggy But A Traitor Is helping piggy not letting the players survive. However, she didn't turn back and walked away. A chapter is released every week along with 2 skins. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Piggy vs Freddy Fazbear (Completed), Piggy vs. Tinky Winky (Slendytubbies) (Completed) 1.


She originates from a Roblox game made by MiniToon, titled Piggy, where she appears as one of the many antagonists in the game she stars in. Welcome to the Piggy (Roblox Game) Wiki!


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