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At the film's climax, he finally make his actual appearance when greets Kubo, as he wants to take Kubo's other eye in order to join his "family" and make him immortal like him. The Moon King attempting to break the magic barrier created by Kubo. Judge Hopkins Mr. Pickles Full Name MurderMutilationTortureAttempted murderAttempted destruction of villagesTotalitarianism. Despite being physically blind, the Moon King is fully capable of physical sight. Kubo sheds the armor and re-strings his shamisen, using his mother's hair, his father's bowstring, and a strand of his own hair. Despite all of this immense power, he does have his limits. The Moon King became so angry and irritable when he found out that his daughter, Satiaru, was in love with Hanzo, a swordsman who questioned his way in ruling both Heaven and Earth, and eloped before she gave birth to his grandson Kubo. He is Ralph Fiennes' third animated villainous role after Lord Victor Quartermaine, and the first is Rameses. As his name suggests, the Moon King has powers relegated to the night. Mr. Gristle | Mr. Collick | ParaNorman: Agatha Prenderghast | He was able to locate his daughter and grandson when Kubo accidentally stayed out after sunset, and was able to project his form through the moonlight. He is metaphorically blind to humanity's goodness, something he wishes to make Kubo by taking his eyes, and was known to directly antagonized any human that questioned his rule (like Hanzo). When Kubo denies him, he turns into a Moon Beast with the intent of slowly and painfully killing him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. LAIKA Films Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. "Raiden" may be referring to two or more different villains. During the attack, he managed to stole Kubo's eye, but is stopped from taking the rest by Satiaru who flees to the ocean. The villagers then go on to explain how he was a kind, caring, nonjudgmental and open-minded man, a standard that he himself now lives by with his grandson. With the help of the townspeople and the memories of their loved ones, Kubo was able to defeat the Moon King, turning him human with no memories of who he was. He was voiced by the Academy Award nominated actor Ralph Fiennes, who also played Lord Victor Quartermaine in DreamWorks' Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series. He is the oppressive and totalitarian ruler of the night and the father of The Sisters and Kubo's mother. Although he is not seen until the climax of the film, the Moon King drives most of the plot forward. According to the film director Travis Knight, he is modeled after the late Peter Cushing, who was known for playing, He is likely also based on the Japanese Moon deity named, This is Ralph Fiennes' third animated villainous role after, The Moon King is the first Laika role to be played by the cast member of the. Ensure that Kubo is no longer a part of humanity by making him blind and immortal.Kill anyone who stands in his way (both failed). After defeating Hanzo, he seeks to kill Kubo's mother for betraying his family and to blind Kubo in order to make his grandson live with him. Mr. Trout | The Moon King's opinion of the mortal realm and the people that dwell in it is very low, even describing it as being like "Hell" for the various flaws and horrors that dwell in it (despite being directly responsible for many of these horrors). It is unknown what happened to Raiden afterwards, but it was likely that he joined the villages. OppressionMurderMutilationTortureAttempted murderAttempted destruction of villagesTotalitarianism NOTE: This page is only for Villains that have King in a monarchical way for Villains with the last name king see here: King (Surname). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Boxtrolls: Archibald Snatcher | His presence can be felt during the night even if he yet to descended to Earth, as he (off screen) pinpointed Kubo's location when the boy accidentally staye… Raiden the Moon King, also known as The Moon King or Raiden, is the main antagonist of Laika's 4th full-length animated feature film Kubo and the Two Strings. Kubo refuses, and an angered Raiden transforms into a monstrous dragon-like creature known as the "Moon Beast" and attacks. The Moon KingRaiden the Moon KingGrandfather (by Kubo)Father (by Satiaru and the Sisters)The Moon Beast Karasu and Washi | Although he is not seen until the climax of the film, the Moon King drives most of the plot forward. Despite landing several blows, Kubo is beaten and thrown into the village cemetery where the Moon Beast corners both him and the villagers. Animated Features Coraline: The Beldam | It is unknown what happened to Raiden afterwards, but it was likely that he joined the villages. Kubo uses the spirits to shield himself and the villagers from the Moon Beast and then engulfs him in their magic, defeating him. Alias He seems to be remorseless, unmerciful, and heartless for all three of his daughters, all of whom died, and seems to view his daughters and grandson not as actual family to cherish, but as possessions for him to have.


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