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Directly across the road stood the public market of the neighbourhood, with two trucks of the Guarda Nacional Republicana parked outside. Things couldn’t have gone worse for Mito Pereira at the end of 2018. What I Loved was a book that I stumbled upon by mere chance, and as soon as I read the blurb, I knew I had to read it.…, The Murmur of Bees is the first novel of the Mexican author Sofía Segovia translated into another language. At the other end, Pereira maintains, there was a moment’s silence, and then the voice said that it was Monteiro Rossi speaking and that he didn’t give a great deal of thought to the soul. Antonio Tabucchi was an Italian writer and academic who taught Portuguese language and literature at the University of Siena, Italy. I might mention novels by Nabokov and Calvino and Tolkien on one occasion, by Fitzgerald and Baldwin and E.B. Impressed by his wide reading, Pereira asks Rossi to contribute newspaper articles, and a friendship develops. He works as a handyman and, according to submissions before the Immigration Court, is a well- respected member of his community. Pereira is married and has two young daughters, both of whom are United States citizens. And he thought: this City reeks of death, the whole of Europe reeks of death. How, with such serious and pressing concerns, did Pereira manage to be so difficult to put down? 1938. Certainly they changed this writer. In fact, it surpasses almost any test of first-class literature. It is something you have got to read. What really drives Pereira Maintains. In an insignificant corner of the world, Pereira, who has established a small order for himself – let me tell you from the beginning – will blow your mind. These words are usually greeted with one of two reactions: bewilderment, which is far more common, or otherwise a delighted and conspiratorial grin. And he began to leaf through the magazine, idly, just because he was bored, he maintains, and came across an article headed: ‘From a thesis delivered last month at the University of Lisbon we publish this reflection on death. Before leaving his office Pereira consulted the thermometer, bought at his own expense and hanging on the back of the door. Pereira wants nothing to do with any of this. The novel has no substantial women characters – and the women present fall into the usual categories of dead, dangerous, a little deranged, or dolly birds, but that is the way with most male fiction and feminism hasn’t really changed it. Strikingly, Pereira Maintains is narrated in the third person by a government inquisitor. The author is Francesco Monteiro Rossi, who graduated last month from the University of Lisbon with a First in Philosophy. Pereira Maintains elsewhere: “Antonio Tabucchi’s novel about a newspaper editor in 1930s Portugal is a passionate warning against political complacency” The Guardian “The power of this slim book is inversely proportional to its size and modest, unassuming tone” The Independent “It is a novel that is a long conversation—with itself and with other novels too” Jeannette Winterson This is Pereira’s testimony. Under the younger man’s influence, Pereira becomes less politically naive and wonders if journalism can serve as a weapon against oppression. He discusses with her what he should do about Rossi and Marta, and she seems to urge him on. And then I have my wild card, the one I tend to show last and with most pleasure, because it feels like revealing a secret. In a word, Pereira got flustered, and he was angry, mainly with himself, he maintains, at having gone to all this trouble of ringing up a stranger and speaking of delicate and indeed intimate matters such as the soul and the resurrection of the body. Pereira’s brevity, it seemed to me, gave the novel a lightness that counter-balanced the weight of its subject matter. Good riddance to a lot of what I thought was normal life, Offices have a future — but what about other workplaces? As I prepare to tell you about their youth, ideals and influence on Pereira, death will blow away all these thoughts. But he, Pereira, was meditating on death. I ran my thumb along its fore edge, narrow and sharp against my skin. I have never agreed with the claim that art must be kept separate from politics. But the Lisboa hadn’t had the courage to print the news, or rather the assistant editor hadn’t, because the editor-in-chief was on holiday at Buçaco, enjoying the cool air and the waters, and who could be expected to have the courage to print news of that sort, that a Socialist carter had been shot down on his wagon in Alentejo and had drenched all his melons with his blood? He certainly does not want to be saddled with his gigantic whale-loads of sweating flesh throughout eternity. The story is built around Pereira’s relationship with Monteiro Rossi, recently a philosophy student, and Rossi’s girlfriend, Marta. Pereira goes to a seaweed spa for his health, and meets in the figure of Doctor Cardoso the first person since his dead wife who is able to talk to Pereira about what things matter in life. No doubt it is impolite of me to mention it at all. though, is a narrative device that gives rise to the title. Equally impressive is Tabucchi’s crisp and concise writing. Ian Thomson is the author of ‘The Dead Yard: Tales of Modern Jamaica’ (Faber), Get alerts on Books when a new story is published. I don’t know whether I should talk about Pereira’s change throughout the book, touch on the protests around the world, mention dictatorship or fascism. All good Catholics are being told that they must fight Communism – because it is atheist – even though this means aligning with Fascism. Then one afternoon he reads an article on death by a man called Monteiro Rossi. Nor did he want a stranger to know that the culture staff of the Lisboa consisted solely of himself, Pereira, one man sweating with heat and discomfort in that squalid cubbyhole, and in a word, Pereira maintains, he asked if they could meet in town and he, Monteiro Rossi, said: This evening, in Praça da Alegria, there’s an open-air dance with guitars and singing, I’ve been invited to sing a Neapolitan song, I’m half Italian you know, though I don’t speak Neapolitan, but anyway the owner of the café has reserved an outside table for me, there’ll be a card on it marked Monteiro Rossi, so what about meeting there? We feel more like characters than we are used to. An unknown third person narrates the story and, from the opening sentence, consistently uses the phrase “Pereira maintains” to relay what Pereira said. Like most people he prefers a quiet life. When I looked at it again, months later, I did so as an apprentice. In its compression it approached perfection. He edits the culture pages of a minor newspaper – The Lisboa, and all he wants in the summer of 1938 is to avoid the heat, ignore politics, and lose a little weight.


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