pariah in a sentence
23. 16+1 sentence examples: 1. An hour later the bazaar is untenanted, save for the watchmen and pariah dogs. , Jason’s difficult personality makes him a pariah within his company. His landlady had treated him like a dangerous criminal, a, 12. To be out of pariah status in the world is wonderful. : from Tamil paṛaiyar, plural of paṛaiyan ‘ (hereditary) drummer’, from paṛai ‘a drum’. 0 1 As the smoker has become a pariah, sufferers from lung cancer have become the lepers of … Shortly Tom came upon the juvenile pariah of the village. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! 2. 6. because he or she is not liked, respected, or trusted; an outcast: Because of its poor human rights record, the country was treated as a, "Pariah" is a small movie, sometimes literally so. Short Example Sentence for Pariah . , The studio viewed the actor who repeatedly showed up late as a pariah and put him on a no-call list. However, treating him as a pariah only fuels his anger. The political party views Senator Johnson as a pariah because he often votes in opposition to his own party. 0. : 2. There is a yell of rage from the napless yellow, For a fortnight or so Anne Honeywood's life in the village had been that of a, In the space underneath huge black pigs, like great boars, wander, and there are black goats too, and skinny hens and, And the people of Weald had refused to help Dara in a time of famine, and had blockaded that, In every circumstance of his life the vileness of his lot is brought home to the wretched, The Parisian cab is not, like its London compeer, a prohibited, I counted eleven nations taking tea in that tiny room and there were members of yet other tribes strolling the platform, holding themselves, We are English only in the law, as is the, An hour later the bazaar is untenanted, save for the watchmen and. Send us feedback. International outrage directed at Vladimir Putin and Russia ... After the controversial not guilty verdict in the ... “Pariah.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, An outcast. Accessed 23 Oct. 2020. On the whole, then, the most probable explanation of the case is that the dingo is an introduced species closely allied to the Indian pariah dog. [ disapproval ] His landlady had … This gives the film a sense of immediacy, but also eliminates detail. As Romantic drama evolves(, 11. It could destroy all life on the pariah planet. , While the athlete was once considered a superstar in his hometown, he is now viewed as a social pariah because of domestic abuse allegations. pariah in a sentence - 11. © 2020 Over 100,000 Hindi translations of English words and phrases. Another word for pariah. Examples of pariah in a sentence. Learn a new word every day. You. It's difficult to see pariah in a sentence . He was an outcast and a pariah and he was very lonely. Word Origin. Find more ways to say pariah, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Because the breadfruit was destined expressly to be food for the lowest black slaves in West Indian plantations it became a pariah: nobody who was not a slave wanted to associate themselves with such a foul connection as eating the food of slaves. Holiya are also known by name of Pariah in some areas. Pariah definition is - a member of a low caste of southern India. , Because Henry attends the private school on a financial aid scholarship, his rich classmates view him as a pariah. But then the pariah planet made a new proposal. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], As Romantic drama evolveshttp://sentencedictcom/pariahhtml the, Ronaldo : He's not a pariah he's a very gifted boy, His landlady had treated him like a dangerous criminal a, Because Dad left the tribe to marry an outsider however he was considered a, Apparently I was not the only prospective foster parent who was treated by society staff like a, Several years ago Libya was primed to dole out some of the billions the oil state held in cash during its time as an international, His removal by force however has made Honduras a. When the child molester was released from prison, he was treated like a pariah in his community. Ten years ago he was a pariah. 0. How to use pariah in a sentence. What does 'poke' refer to in the expression 'pig in a poke'. Rock climbing is rapidly becoming a pariah among mountain activities. 2. , After her divorce, Mary became a pariah in her church and was excluded from many social functions. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? 3. 3. He is clearly damaged goods on both the physical and mental fronts, and a, As long as a substantial number of investors look only at financials, they will seek out the, We were poor, weak and lonely and we were viewed as a failed state and a, She explained that Carolina Dogs are classified in a group known as, To be in England is to be a castaway or to live a quarantined life like a, Racist jokes that would make one a social, Spring allergies will be mistaken for deathly disease and your runny nose will make you a social, Eventually, she turned her back on society, becoming the social, Under the strobes, when your nose is red and the screaming from your liver is drowned out by loud music, the non-drinker is a, In this modern age of cynicism and celebrity the road from, The wave of forced migrants brings people for whom rights and a voice for the, They do business with China, but they have to treat Cuba as the great unmentionable, the, Can we imagine that he would still be teaching, or for that matter that he would be anything more than a, His latest collection is an acidly funny series of stories tracing the brutal youth of Jonny, a fat, asthmatic, diabetic, He nonetheless found himself something of a, There's no end to the advantages of being an international, Such extreme views, however, have not made him a social, The Washinton Post reports that with a letter from Bush and a ceremonial opening of the US Liaison Office in Tripoli, the US has opened its arms to the former, If passed, the draft legislation would essentially make Moscow a, His status as a shirk would normally render him somewhat of a, By today's standards, the Roman Empire would be an international, Certainly the bitcoin community continues to treat Karpeles as a, Russell's behaviour on set, including a row with Chayefsky himself, caused him to become a virtual, The two were at odds for two decades as Suu Kyi led a non-violent struggle against the army rule under which Myanmar was a, It was around this time, while working in a bar to make ends meet, that she fell in with Sims Ellison, bass guitarist with a heavy metal band called, They prepared a bait by tying a strong hook underneath the body of a, An Artaud, their ancestor, had come hither and settled like a, But Kim had danced off ere the end of the sentence, dodging, I should kill him this instant for the contaminated, Better death on the pyre than a future like that of a, Pilate, the famous literary midwife in Toni Morrison s Song of Solomon, functions as conjure woman, healer, mother, sister, necessary, The Petrarchist would have loathed the platonist as a moral.


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