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No evidence to back up the claims? I think the real "deception" here is that this was anything close to impartial journalism. We are not the others. Looking for some great streaming picks? Noriega started swimming competitively at a young age, eventually representing Peru at various international sporting events. Torrijos died in a 1981 air crash, and Noriega became de facto ruler two years later. I didn't see the clip of him beating his machete on the Senate podium while screaming that he was at war with America in this "documentary", but I guess that didn't fit the theme. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. He died on May 29, 2017 in Panama City. Noriega was a brute and there was a huge groundswell of opposition to him in Panama City (I remember the daily massed protests with banging pans and calls of "la Pina" quite clearly). I think a lot of the people commenting here didn't actually see the documentary. Panama today is a lively democracy, where Noriega's supporter during his regime move about freely and act politically, the canal is in Panamanian control, the US troops left, and some compensation was given to the victims of the invasion, Noriega has never compensated any of his victims in any way.If the invasion had not ocurred who knows how many years more Noriega would have ruled, and how many Panamanians would have died or emigrated. But the United States at first refrained from taking action, partly because Panama was seen as a buffer against leftist insurgencies in Central America during the Cold War. Franco Noriega Haltenhof (born January 16, 1989) is a Peruvian entrepreneur based in New York who has branched out into the restaurant business, modelling, television, and the music industry. To some critics, the invasion of the strategic isthmus nation set the tone for U.S. interventionism in the post-Cold War era and was a stepping stone to the Iraq War. This doc shows the side that was not shown in the US media -- thats why it is one sided. And then, who can ever say that the some 3,000 or so fans of these psychopaths who died in the WTC were innocent victims, really? See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays.

the destabilization campaign launched by the United States in 1986, ending with the 1989 Panama invasion, was a result of the U.S rejection of any scenario in which future control of the Panama Canal might be in the hands of a n independent, sovereign Panama supported by Japan.

And some people - in fact most - will believe the "official" lie, Chris. In short, this report, at least the invaision, is just FULL OF S@#$ !!!

Some examples are that US soldiers deliberately burned down the El Chorillo slum before attacking Noriega's Commandancia headquarters. U.S. officials knew about some of his criminal deals as early as 1978, according to testimony, and by 1983 had a “twenty-one cannon barrage of evidence” against Noriega. I also see that Elizabeth Montgomery wasn't much better in her politics then Hanoi Jane Fonda. He was married to Felicidad Sieiro de Noriega. I'm so sorry I didn't know what was happening. I was brainwashed too. It could well be the Panameens, the Chileans, the San-Salvadorians, the Iranians, the Vietnamese, the so forth so forth; Tensions with the United States began mounting in 1985 when Noriega dismissed Nicolas Ardito Barletta, Panama’s first democratically elected president in 16 years. My son served in desert storm. I been to Panama several times and you can feel the clandestine influence of Washington DC and its corrupted officials still handling Panamenians as Puppets! One of his first posts was under Omar Torrijos, who went on to seize power in a 1968 coup and appointed Noriega as head of military intelligence. Finally the Truth! Just what the hell are you talking about? Just eight weeks before Noriega was charged by U.S. prosecutors, the agency still maintained there was insufficient evidence against him. For the moment, as far as science is up to, it is the first time that its up to a point where a psychiatric treatment is of an absolute necessity on a group or individuals! The media black out was well executed wasn't it. Years before the US went after Saddam Hussein, the White House had Manuel Noriega, another former ally, in its sights. Please know that the US people are brain washed. This extremely biased so-called documentary also claims that upwards of 5,000 Panamanians were killed in the invasion and illegally buried in "hidden" mass graves, but again the film provides little evidence for this high death toll and numerous mass interments. I was not there during the invasion. I was there. The YouTube account is gone along with this vital information. 2nd) Regarding you’re specific case (Personally you), I’d recommend the plastic green bag since you’re old enough to watch this docu. By then, he had already started to help Colombian drug lords such as Pablo Escobar smuggle cocaine into the United States and launder bales of drug cash through Panama’s banks, receiving millions of dollars in kickbacks. I suppose a pattern of violently facilitating dictators then violently liberating the peoples from the same dictator with little concern for the populace doesn't count as evidence. If the US government would sink the money into restoring Panama the way they did Japan, it could be a complete paradise. my son lived through desert storm. More than that, however, as US support slipped, Noriega began to try to rally support around him using one of the most tried and true methods ever, demonizing a foreign power as a threat.
at the time he or i had no idea of the way our government was falsely presenting information to the people of this country to get our backing to to go to war. Juan Linares, Boquete, Panama. He died on May 29, 2017 in Panama City. they see us all as one country, so get over yourself and understand we are all to blame for these atrocities no matter what side of the isle we vote. 1 hits in reggaeton along with reggaeton producers Luny Tunes.. Musical career. lead CIA murder in Chilie of a democratically elected leader, the CIA drug deals in Nicaragua by the USA idol psychopath Colonel North, now Bush gangster's partner Noriega and Co. Why is this under the history section, it should be placed under politics since many of the points in this movie have no evidence or any historical accuracy to back them up. In a prison memoir, he said he had been ousted for refusing to toe Washington’s Cold War line on Central America, and recast himself as a nationalist hero. we must stand up and be counted in this country, in this world, in this universe. This film should be rated much higher. To begin with, if you'd have any reasoning left, you’d have to figure out that it ain't a matter of "Relations" between individuals, the "Other Individual" within your delirium tremens has nothing to do with your socialized disease. My gosh!
Anyone know where to find another copy? In 2015, he asked the country for forgiveness for his notorious rule. And from the looks of the posts below people only have problems with human rights abuse when the perpetrator is a right-winger, but when you got a leftist like Noriega, YEAH NO PROBLEM. But U.S. patience was wearing thin. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. In December 1989, Panama’s National Assembly named Noriega “maximum leader” and declared the United States and Panama to be in a “state of war.” On Dec. 20, 1989, U.S. troops invaded in “Operation Just Cause,” razing the army’s headquarters and turning the capital upside down to find Noriega. You are right on! See Mediastan. It also omits the fact that the Cuban military (army and navy) were in Panama during the invasion training the PDF and Ding Bats, which resulted in a few Cuban soldiers being killed. Years before the US went after Saddam Hussein, the White House had Manuel Noriega, another former ally, in its sights. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Self - Former Dictator of Panama (segment "The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega"), Favorite Number One Rated Television Series, Favorite TV Shows on the Air 50 Years Ago, The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega/Car for Rent?/IBP, The Complete History of U.S. Wars 1700-2004, Manuel Noriega: Rise and Fall of Panama's Strongman. From a little after WWII, the Viet things, war crimes, then the USA Gov. Sabre Industries- Documentary SELECTED WORK Email; Instagram ©2020 DIEGO NORIEGA Ms Herrera became a prominent politician in Panama after the invasion and eventually was a presidential candidate, she lost by a great margin, she has never explained or repented from her support of Noriega. On the run, he sought refuge in the Vatican’s embassy, and according to popular rumor, he arrived disguised as a woman. In 1992, Noriega was sentenced in Florida to 40 years in prison. He is also a retired professional swimmer. I apologize also. Manuel Noriega was born on February 11, 1934 in Panama City, Panama as Manuel Antonio Noriega Morena. As Noriega dabbled in geopolitical intrigue, lending covert support to Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, his criminal activities also mushroomed. i don't think the people of panama and all the other countries we've invaded for similar reasons would much care if we finger pointed. Narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery, Panama Deception was shot on video--and looks it--but content is king. I watched it happen, and watched Bn 2000 mow down civilians in the street. And if you came from abroad, it is obvious that you came in contract with this disease. I wish all you "secret spy decoder ring" folks could have been there to see what really happened. The USA and Israel are the biggest terrorists financially strong killing organizations the world. Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega was for years a useful tool of the United States, until President George H.W. DUH! “Everything done by the Republic of Panama under my command was known,” Noriega said during his incarceration. Like the US isn't ruthless? IT is laughable they hoodwink our supposed smartest and upper middle class. Appreciate it wasn't trying to affirm or debunk the points in the documentary, since everybody is entitled to opinions, but many people will just believe word for word what is said mainly because they think it is a historical accurate video. Actually a Panamanian priest testified that the Panamanian Dignity Battalions (Ding Bats) set the fires to cover their retreat back to the Commadancia. Between 1970 and 1987, he appeared in at least 80 different U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration files. it had insisted that canal Treaty be honored, it had held discussions with social reformers, and it had explored the possibility of building a new canal with Japanese financing and construction companies. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. Yes. They are to easy corruptable and there by able to fix elections for the 1% to profit as that family has done by killing innocent people all over the world. The producers were very concerned about due process after the invasion, but not all concerned about due process during the Noriega regime. In hope that'll help or sooth in a few centuries.


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