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• He kept the Magadhan empire intact and possessed a powerful army and enormous wealth. The Puranas also refer to Mahapadma Nanda as the second Parsurama, who exterminated the Kshatriyas and brought all their territories into his own. This factor gave a boost to trade and thus, helped in its rise. Please wait... Interestingly, both Buddhists and Jains claim that Bimbisara followed their respective faiths. ▪ The most striking feature of Mauryan administration was maintanence of a huge army. The Buddha had warned him that as long as the Vijjian confederacy was united, they would never be conquered.

The king was moved by massacre in this war and therefore abandoned the policy of physical occupation in favour of policy of cultural conquest.

▪ Megasthenes in his Indies had mentioned 7 castes in Mauryan society. 5.

▪ The Mauryan artisans also started the practice of hewing out caves from rocks for monks to live in. ▪ Vishkdatt wrote drama Mudrarakshas was related chandragupt maurya. The places mentioned in ancient texts like Jivaka’s mango orchard and Bimbisara’s jail can be identified even today. Ajatashatru’s death, according to Buddhist tradition, was truly karmic. With the death of Ajatashatru, the Magadhan Empire saw the end of its glory days. Rise of Magadha Empire (Notes+MCQ) PDF Download contains detailed study notes for this topic. This document is highly rated by UPSC students and has been viewed 6478 times. ▪ Asoka fought the Kalinga war in 261 BC in the 9th years of his coronation. 3. Magadha, ancient kingdom of India, situated in what is now west-central Bihar state, in northeastern India. ▪ Sudra condition improved now they work in agriculture and can own land. ▪ Dhanand was his son. Ajatashatru built the fortified city of Pataliputra as a launch pad for his attacks on the confederacy; Rajagriha, the earlier capital, was too far away. (iii) The Senapati=The commander-in-chief of the army a few other ministers. He is seen as a great patron by Buddhists.

• The genealogy and chronology of the Saisunagas are not clear. Rise of Magadha Empire (Notes+MCQ) PDF Download. ▪ Dhanand was contemporary of Alexander. The Jaina traditions tell us that Udayan in turn was murdered at the behest of the ruler of Avanti. 1. ▪ Tax collected from peasants varied from ¼ to 1/6 of Tolls was also levied on commodities brought to town for sale and they were collected at gate. ▪ The state also provided irrigation facilities and charged water-tax. ▪ Central province. ▪ During Mauryan period, the punch marked coins (mostly of silver) were the common units of transactions. He is then said to have patiently and insidiously created fissures within the ranks across 3 years. As a smart statesman, he probably listened to and favoured both, without really committing to either. ▪ According to the Buddhist text “DIPSAMBHAV”, Asoka usurped the throne alter killing his 99 brothers and spared Tissa, the youngest one. • All these factors account for the expansion and stability of Magadha, which gradually swallowed all other contemporary states. The Mauryan government was a centralised bureaucracy of which the nucleus was the king.

Only their capitals which are beautiful pieces of sculpture in form of lion or bulls are joined with pillar on the top. The site of Rajagriha must have been truly impressive in its heyday, and even 2,500 years later, the ruins are still awe-inspiring. ▪ He held that if people behaved well they would attain Swarga (heaven). During his reign the second Buddhist Council was held at Vaisali. ▪ The slate enjoyed monopoly in mining, sale of liquor, manufacture of arms etched Produce. ▪ Prachyapatha with its capital Toshali (Kalinga) formed the Eastern province while Dakshinapatha with its capital Surarnagiri was the southernmost province. After Bimbisara’s line came to an end, the people of Magadha are said to have elected a Prime Minister called Sisunaga to rule over the kingdom.

These include his last great sermon, The Heart Sutra – Pajnaparamita Sutra, in which he preaches that everything is shunyata (form is empty); The Lotus Sutra – Sadharmapundrika Sutra, which is considered the final teaching of the Buddha and enough to attain salvation; and the Surangama Samadhi Sutra, which contains the teachings of Yogacharya and Vajrayana.

▪ Four lion capital at Sarnath and Sanchi. Ruins of pillared hall at Kumrahar site at Pataliputra |Wikimedia commons. He built his capital on the rocky outcrop of Rajagriha or Rajgir, which is still a place of great pilgrimage for the Jains. • After Saisunaga, the mighty empire began to collapse.

▪ Alexander was the son of Philip of Macedonia (Greece) who invade INDIA in 326B.C ▪ He fought famous battle of Hydaspa on the bank of Jhelum with Porus who was king of Punjab ▪ He remained 19 months in India. Army ▪ The most striking feature of Mauryan administration was maintanence of a huge army. • Bimbisara had also efficiently reorganized the administration of his kingdom. This scene is also depicted in the sculptures of Barhut. Magdha, with its capital at Pataliputra, was the headquarters of the entire kingdom.

• Udayin’s successors were weak rulers and hence Magadha was captured by Saisunaga.

▪ Radhagupta a Minister of Bindusar helped him in fratricidal struggle. ▪ Stupas were built throughout the empire to enshrine (he relics of Buddha. Magadha, located in what is now south Bihar, was one of the 16 mahajanapadas, or local kingdoms that dominated Northern India between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.

▪ Thus he retained Kalinga after its conquest and incorporated it into his empire. Things become confusing here as the Puranas offer conflicting details, much of which cannot be verified. ▪ The Northern Province, called Uttarapatha had Taxila as its capital.

Magadha : First Empire (543 – 330 BCE) ... Magadha. ▪ He died in 323 B.C at Babylon.

Arthashastra. ▪ In oilier words, Bherighosha was replaced by Dhammaghosha. In course of time small or weak kingdoms either submitted to stronger rulers or got eliminated. • According to the Mahavamsa, he constructed several chaityas and viharas. Magadh & Mauryans Empire, Administration Notes for UPSC, MPPSC important notes about the mauryans and same age situation which have influenced in all events of history important notes from upcoming exam • The reign of Ajatasatru was remarkable for his military conquests. Thus, the internal trade of Magadha was linked with the foreign trade which became even more lucrative. • It was during this time that Alexander invaded India.

Quintus Curtius Rufus speaks of an army of 2,00,000 infantry, 20,000 cavalry, 2,000 four-horse chariots of war and 3,000 elephants. ▪ The empire was divided into a number of provinces. The king was moved by massacre in this war and therefore abandoned the policy of physical occupation in favour of policy of cultural conquest. ▪ Central province.

He was succeeded by his eight sons, who ruled successively. The annexation of Anga and its amalgamation with Magadha was the first step in a long march. It was Ajatashatru’s son Udayan who later shifted the capital of Magadha to Pataliputra.According to Buddhist sources, Ajatashatru became a Buddhist in his search for solace on the death of his father. After consolidating his kingdom and strengthening its economy and armies, Bimbisara began to expand the state of Magadha by first invading the territories of his father’s enemies in the neighbouring state of Anga to the east. Therefore, Mahapadma Nanda may be regarded as a great empire builder. ▪ Bindusar asked Antiochus I of Syria to send some sweet wine, dried figs, and a Sophist. Oct 15, 2020 - Rise of Magadha - Ancient India, IAS | EduRev Notes is made by best teachers of UPSC. The city of Rajagriha is perhaps the most imposing set of ruins from the age of the mahajanapadas and the Magadhan Empire. For the first time, the whole of the subcontinent, leaving out the extreme south, was under imperial control. He never said that they would attain Nirvana, which was goal of Buddhist Teaching. There is a small inscription in the Son-Bhandar Caves, stating very clearly that they were built for Jain monks by a Jain Muni. Favourable geographical location enabled it to control the whole lower Gangetic plain. ▪ Bindusar asked Antiochus I of Syria to send some sweet wine, dried figs, and a Sophist. Pataliputra was situated at the confluence of the Ganges, the Gandak and the Son, and therefore formed a water-fort or jaldurga. ▪ Asoka fought the Kalinga war in 261 BC in the 9th years of his coronation.

Financial crisis 3. Bimbisara thus forged strong alliances to the north and the west with the Vijjians and Kosala. • He won a great success against a formidable confederacy led by the Lichchavis of Vaisali. 4. Surprisingly, the Puranas say each of the kings ascended the throne by killing his predecessor. According to the Puranas too, the successors of Udayan were mere shadows of the great Magadhan kings and the empire was finally usurped by the son of a Sudra woman. History topics covering RISE OF MAGADHA AND ALEXANDERS INVASION 16 Mahajanapadas Magadha, Avanti, Kosala and Vatsa Rise of Magadha Ajatashatru Aryankas and Saisunaga Chanakya and his disciple Chandragupta Persian invasions and their impact on India Alexander’s invasion Influence on architecture: India since independence, NCERT history, India since gandhi, indian independence … ▪ Founder of this dynasty was Mahapadam Nand. 2. • He fought against Kosala and Vaisali.

Each pillar is made of single piece of sandstone. The cyclopean walls of Rajagriha are still standing and are among the oldest archaeological remains in the region and a testament to Bimbisara’s building skills. We don’t know exactly when but at some point during Ajatashatru’s reign, Kosala ceased to be an independent kingdom and became a part of the Magadhan Empire. ▪ The state also provided irrigation facilities and charged water-tax. Neglect of north-west frontier. ▪ He adopted Jainism ▪ Vishkdatt wrote drama Mudrarakshas was related chandragupt maurya ▪ Under Chandragupta Maurya, for the first time, the whole of northern India was united.


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