legend quest leo and teodora fanfiction

“But Leo, Don Andrés, and Alebrije figured me out. The series I’m referring to is called Legend Quest: Masters of Myth. The Matter Orbs, separately known as the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb, were powerful objects that greatly enhanced the time- and space-warping abilities of Dialga and Palkia, respectively. So, basically, Masters of Myth is a reboot of the reboot. “Marcella!” Alebrije called, cutting off Leo’s attempt to speak. Follow. The overarching plot of this series shares shades of the first one.

Giratina's eyes brightened. Had the first Legend Quest continued as originally planned then this is definitely where Teodora’s character arc should have been heading. I-uh, I’m not sure.” In Masters of Myth, the artists went for a slightly more stylized and line-less art-style that reminded me of a bit of the technique used in the Tangled series. Leo becoming a much more active protagonist than a reluctant one, and his relationship with Marcella was very different from what I remembered.

This establishes Teodora’s role in the team as the voice of reason who keeps Leo and everyone else grounded. Apparently this is what happens after binge watching the new season of Legend Quest on Netflix and right afterwards watch Tangled season 3.

Okay, so I watched the first two episodes, and you know, even though the soft reboot confuses me, I am enjoying it. Those weren't exactly great factors for dates.

This Marcella is just as brave and confident as her predecessor but also no-nonsense, level-headed, and a tad competitive. Marcella was already up and halfway out the door before Alebrije grabbed her and put her back on her bed.

Percy whispered something to the blonde, whose eyes widened, and she began smiling and giggling, so unlike her usual 'mighty daughter of Athena' behavior. It was because of them that the first Legend Quest never got a second season, so I hope the same fate does not fall on Masters of Myth before it can be given a chance.

The world was spinning, just like it always did.

After he announced his triumph, he tossed both weapons and continued to make out with his girlfriend, right in the center of the arena. Also, you weren't kidding about the Leodora moments! Teodora!” Of course, she does eventually regain her confidence even while remaining a human girl during the remainder of the season thanks to Leo’s unconditional faith in her. "Heatran, Luvdisc, and I have agreed to postpone moving on to the next life and assist in any way we can," added Darkrai. I personally enjoyed it but, again, it’s going to depend on one’s personal taste. Las Leyendas Movies Originally, Teodora lived in in her mansion with her friends until a night, when one of the servants was possesed by a Nahual and turn into the being known as La Nahuala and meet her premature demise Legend Quest . Everyone believed it because it made sense, and there was enough evidence to prove it. She frowned as she inspected the Latino boy's face. It’s no question that, despite their differences, or maybe because of them, Leo and Teodora continue to bring out the best in each other every step of the way. She didn’t really want to talk, she wanted to wallow in self-pity, and no way the straightforward spirit was going to let her do that. "Oh, Hephy," Aphrodite sighed, clutching her husband's arm. Must protect them at all costs. A rip in space-time has been opened, and Adrienne, Maddie, and Tiger are called upon once again to help prevent the doom of all worlds. She starts off in Masters of Myth as an established Brotherhood member with her own monster hunting group of friends and we actually see her use her magical powers more. Don Andres had at least two episodes where his bravery and dedication to the team played a vital role in their mission, which included his knowledge of manners and etiquette, Parisian culture and language, as well as a good chunk of some folklores and legends. Hence, why I found myself more invested in this romance and not because they switched one girl out with the other. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. 3 Comments. Arceus replied with a hint of a smile, then immediately called out its choices. While Leo does get annoyed with Teodora’s bluntness he comes to really appreciate this about her, realizing her tough love is her way of snowing she cares and knows he is capable of being better, which makes him grow as a character, becoming more aware of his own mistakes and working to set things right. When he makes a mistake he owns up to it and when he puts his own arrogance aside he shows a lot of promise as a leader. ", "We set him up with a nice girl, of course!" brb im gonna scream about them for the next 2768252 years. Vanilla, peach, strawberry, lavendaaaa…” Teodora trailed off as she refocused on the looks of her friends and saw them staring at her. (Reincarnation & Coffee Shop AU), timeline: this fic takes place in a world where teodora went back for another adventure with everyone else (what would be season two) and then had to leave after it ended. His fingers find hers, and he squeezes her hand. "Not just the real world, I am afraid," replied Giratina with a weary sigh. I kinda want to check it out myself, Yeah, it’s pretty good. The first series, Legend Quest, stars Leo, the same protagonist from the films who was originally a twelve-year-old boy but is portrayed as a teenager in the series, from a small village in the 1800s who can see ghosts and other supernatural creatures. Tense, uncomfortable silence. Masters of Myth Leo is a lot more adventurous, idealistic, productive and determined, a bit reckless but not to the point of being irritating or annoying. he grumbled. Throughout the speech, Marcella was silent.


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