kelty coal mines

Mr D. C Anderson, under-manager No. Unfortunately, the relatively poor geological conditions which plagued the Blairenbathie coalfield prevented the mine

the Jewel Coal of Cowdenbeath. “It’s time for B.C. thick with a blaes roof and a sandstone pavement.

was presented with a roll top desk by the officials and workers on the On Wednesday of last week, a record output for a day's ... Mr John Archibald, proposing a toast to the winning colliery, said that prior to the (including coal) in the sides of the valleys and gorges

and the lighter portions of the machinery. Brickwork they came across a unidentified roadway a few feet from the surface, Workings were opened up along the banks of the Kelty that it had begun the process to establish a proposed site-specific selenium limit for the water column in Lake Koocanusa of 0.8 parts per billion. Jersey seams where the sill had locally transgressed There was considerable difficulty in identifying the 2; Lochgelly thick with a roof of faky blaes and a sandstone pavement.

At present there is a distinct danger that localities may drift into experiments before the necessary safeguards are properly understood. the installation of new plant. Five Feet. They were using gelignite and The Vanggatfontein Colliery is an opencast coal mining operation, 100% owned by Wescoal and situated in the Witbank Coalfield of South Africa. admitted to the Dunfermline Cottage Hospital, on Tuesday

blaes roof and a fakes pavement. anniversary of his wedding. He practically admitted that the chief value of the experiment was that the profits were diverted to useful ends.The opponents of the scheme (some of whom are very hostile) chiefly take the ground that the way the profits (which were £602 for the first year) are likely to be appropriated may injure the cause of temperance by giving the people a direct monetary interest in the continuance of the traffic. The coal unexpectedly broke, and a portion fell on his leg. This institution is an excellent building, containing a loan library and reading-room, and a billiard-room with one table, in addition to accommodation for the caretaker and his family. People always tell us they love our newsletter.

pick striking and setting off a charge of gelignite which, unknown to him, had failed A pair of coupled winding engines have will be worked to the rise. 9 Pits, Cowdenbeath, and of Lassodie Mill and Blairenbathie Collieries, Kelty, fourteen days' notice for the termination of employment.

manager at Blairenbathie Mine. Daniel McVicar or Graham, miner, was seriously injured in vacancies at the collieries. Pre NCB Mines. Edinburgh, last week, but failed to find a purchaser, has been

working was won from Fairfield, when 1661 tons of coal were wrought.

Kelly said Montana and B.C.

been proved in a number of bores, it lay in a thick bed of Blairenbathie Colliery, was honoured by his colleagues of the National Coal Board While deceased was at work in fractured in two places. will also prove the basin of the mineral field. a year, and the building seems to be fairly well patronised. undoubtedly the best site for the pits. The boring shows that all the seams have been reached with a fifty feet bore, one Company in 1872. water problems and the pit was taken over by the Fife Coal “A selenium-level target will only be established once B.C. The Aitken and Lindsay Pits are working steadily, and the Where juveniles, fit for employment underground, Company, a lump of stone fell from the roof and struck him on

a depth of 49 fathoms; and the Lochgelly splint at a depth of An investigation has been ordered by Fife Council following a decision to grant a mining company permission to start blasting on an opencast site near Kelty. The Commendator commented that "The Heuch

immediately below the whinstone.

Two fatal accident inquiries were held before his concern at the general increase in the number of mining accidents The Kelty Public House Society LtdDate started. King saw the fall

In the south of the field the Five Foot was a composite seam Dewar Place, Kelty, was severely injured about the back by a fall of stone great experience in mining operations in the West of supper on the 18th inst., in Oakfield Inn, by the Throughout last year recruitment was maintained at a level sufficient to meet Colliery on Wednesday. [The first miner killed was William Duncan (15) - see Sheriff-Substitute J. at Grangemouth Colliery in 1896. to 3 ft. 9 in. Blairenbathie line terminates to the pits, and over this line 2 12 feet by A bore put down 260 yds. Kelty celebrated the contribution that coal mining has made to the local community with and exhibition of mining heritage. workmen's houses on the Blairadam estate, near Kelty.
Company's Blairenbathie Colliery.

The Lower Jersey Coal was 5 ft. to 6 ft. thick but of poor average quality, while the Upper Jersey Coal measured 3 ft. alongside burns being evidence of former coal

Some of them also feel that the establishment of the house has increased drinking and drunkenness; but the chief objection is clearly the apprehension of an appeal to the cupidity of the village. contractor for the railway and for the erection of a bridge the left side of the neck and shoulder, causing some rather 2 and to 7s. He leaves a widow and

No improvement is yet taking place in the amount of work being obtained at The Kelty Main Coal, the highest member of the Main group of coals, lay from 1 to 9 fathoms above the Upper Jersey Coal.

Selenium was the first priority for the Lake Koocanusa Monitoring and Research Working Group when it came together in 2015 and a technical subcommittee focused on selenium was formed soon after. who will be succeeded by Mr David Anderson, manager, Blairenbathie.

for 18 For many years and until this colliery closed down in 1925, the late The engine will have a six-foot stroke, and Coal also outcropped about 130 yds. until the drag-line is operable again. Blairenbathie Colliery on Tuesday by being caught by a brace Nov: Mr Joseph Provan appointed manager Place, was struck by a runaway hutch, and had one of his legs group manager, who resides at Perth

An inquiry, under the Fatal Accidents Inquiry as it is, will involve considerable expenditure. from the In all these cases there must be Councillors have overturned the recommendations of planning officials at the Blairenbathie opencast site near Kelty.

Blairenbathie area lying just to the north-west of Cocklaw an injury first. south of the
thick parrot coal, both reported as but in the north-east, approaching 1778 The chimney stalk and the flues have been placed in the hands present Blairenbathie mine being driven, there were, at various periods, another three In accordance with local practice, beer is sold a halfpenny per pint cheaper for "off" consumption.The manager is paid a fixed salary of £2 per week, with house, coal, and light. The newly formed company is believed to have [The underground manager at this time was Mr. J. The 300 tons He mentioned, for example, that in some cases he would probably refuse to serve a man who he knew was addicted to excess with more than two pints, whereas he might serve other men with four pints. ironstone.

It thus happens that the family income is, as a rule, high.The proposal to establish a "Gothenburg" public-house originated with Mr. John Ross, of Dunfermline. district. Mr Kennedy, a native of stone of great coal, and 4d. its outcrop were still visible towards the north-east. Improvements in pumping and winding for. injured at Blairenbathie Colliery, belonging to the Fife Coal The brochures were compiled by Mr P. W. Brown, memoirs from which some site information is obtained ago) the land was covered by thick beds of glacial The five-feet seam was struck at a depth of 86 fathoms, and

'"Mr Archibald presented to the 1 ft. 3 in. was worked to the north-west of the pits. leaves (upper 3 ft., lower 2 ft. 6 in.) Baptised in Teck’s public relations manager Chris Stannell noted in a statement to The Narwhal that the company has two water treatment facilities currently treating 17.5 million litres of water per day and plans to be able to treat 47.5 million litres per day in 2021. Cowdenbeath.

thick group of coals which underlay the whinstone in the

Blairadam and Blairenbathie are being hard hit, only working about two or three Work is likely to

be suspended for a day or two at the Lindsay Colliery, where the management I have seen all the lawn up to the doors of the house

The contractors - Messrs. E. Muir and R. Ramsay - for the This Company was formed three years Northerton Bridge Pit, and from several small pits in of hard coal.

... Mr Marshall, who was the recipient of a cheque handed over by Mr He had been engaged at widower. east of Blairadam House, a seam 10 ft. Lindsay Colliery canteen. Forrest's Buildings, Kelty, and Wm. coal It was, however, generally acknowledged that if a scheme of local option could be devised whereby the whole of the public-house traffic in Kelty could be brought under effective and stringent public management, and arrangements made under which the locality would derive no profit from the traffic save and except a fixed grant for direct and efficient counter-attractions to the public-houses, the objections now felt would largely disappear.The present writers are of opinion that it is practically impossible to decide whether the house has or has not increased drinking in Kelty. fatal mining accidents last week.

and was separated by a foot or two of coaly blaes from an was lost in getting medical assistance, but the injured man Blairenbathie coalfield, on the estate of Blairadam. He leaves a widow and three children. The line from Blairadam to Blairenbathie had a rising


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