justice for cannon protest
Law Enforcement is the easy scapegoat. Other rappers are getting down with the cause via protest as well. YOU DON’T SEE 1 SINGLE BASTARD POUNDING DOWN THE DOORS TO GET INTO 3rd WORLD COUNTRIES NOW DO YA MOTHERFUCKERS??? No onewas injured," Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of NewCapital Complex, Piya Madhuri Majumder said.    A delegation of the teachers later met EducationMinister Ratan Lal Nath.    After the meeting, Das said that the agitatingteachers would meet Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb, who isnow in Delhi, after a week.    "We think our movement today is successful. A “cannon” that gets shot? I already got hurt and I got hit with a baton. The video appears to depict someone who's presumably a police officer screaming at Cusack to "move, get out of here, get your bike out of here now." THESE COCKSUCKING NIGRAS WANT JUSTICE, BUT THEIR METHODOLOGY TO ACCOMPLISH THAT IS EXACTLY THAT, “JUST, ICE.” IT ALL JUST MELTS AWAY – EVENTUALLY!!! we know there is a NON-ZERO chance you could by shot and killed. https://turtleboysports.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/video-1601160267.mp4, Presidential Debate Live Stream With Turtleboy Round 2, Corrupt Hack John Dolan Looking To Unseat Qualified Woman In Order To Double Dip On Pension Skips Forum Due To Catching COVID But Campaigns With Worcester Mayor On Same Day, Ken Coronabro Calls The Winchester Cops On Rogue Crotch Fruits For Not Wearing Masks While Riding Scooters At Park, Enfield Penis Colada Blames Cops For Shooting Her Man Eating Pit Bull Who She Threatens Teenagers With After Biting Her Man-Bunned Crotch Fruit’s Girlfriend In The Neck And Dragging Her. "When they killed Breonna, they killed our loved one.”. Ariana Grande put on a mask and one of her signature oversize sweatshirts to hit the protests in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Our boons have been sitting on their asses for GENERATIONS collecting money and shooting each other. pink mist and ape skull. It wasn’t a “mistake.” Several warrants regarding this investigation were carried out at the same time. Wouldn’t he be considered a house nіgger according to Monica? The only way to shut Monica-I need a- Grant up is to defund section 8. She alleged that the protests only take a violent turn when "an actual ARMY is deployed.". The police also baton-charged the teachers, who were marching in a procession towards the state secretariat demanding alternate government jobs, after a scuffle ensued when they were stopped near the Circuit House. Monica Cannon-Grant won 2nd place in a beauty contest. Of course she can buy her son (the rapper without talent) a car because the state takes care of her responsibilities. "Literally made me cry as walking with the power of the people," he tweeted, but things took a turn towards the end of the demonstration when the group stumbled upon "looters and pure destruction." Hold them to that same standard that you would hold my black body,” Cannon-Grant said. All rights reserved. Agartala, Sep 23: The police on Wednesday lobbed teargas shells and used water cannon to disperse protesting school teachers here, who had lost their jobs because of faulty recruitment policy. I have to disagree. I thought it was established that a menacing note was the way to do it? Why do they have good jobs, homes and fathers? Smith's friends ultimately intervened, and the man ran off. "Do not underplay these rubber bullets [because] you have been told they are 'not lethal,'" she wrote. To be called uneducated and dirty by people from your motherland who really have no formal education and live in tin huts with dirt floors says a lot! The day prior, the Badlands singer explained that the violence seemingly erupted out of nowhere. ", "These motherf**kers are only here to terrorize black and brown communities and indigenous folk. How much blame does one need for justice?! I wouldn’t burn down my own damn neighborhood and loot the same stores I shop at. this is just symbolic of the world we live in. According to CBS Sports, the NBA star "drove 15 hours from Boston to his home state of Georgia to lead a peaceful protest in Atlanta." This isnt the movie Heat. Politicians React to Indictment in Breonna Taylor Case, Celebs, Long Vocal About Breonna Taylor Case, Decry Decision, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. On Friday (May 29), Cannon showed up to protest at ground zero in Minneapolis, Minn., the location where George Floyd was killed by officers while being arrested on May 25. They wouldn’t move away, they’d make sure that blacks couldn’t move in. I was about to go home.". God sent the “destroyer” to slay the oldest child of each Egyptian household and the Hebrews put lamb’s blood on their doors as a sign so the “destroyer” would “pass over” them. Monica the system is there as a stepping stone not a lifestyle. Lil Yachty, Lil Tjay, Machine Gun Kelly and others have been spotted at demonstrations. In a tweet, Halsey said he "literally ran exposed in front of rounds being shot to drag wounded people to safety without even thinking twice. Cannon-Grant is sick and tired of being sick and tired -- it's a lingering feeling for the community at large. STOP BREEDING LIKE RATS (SORRY RATS- NO OFFENSE), SUPPORT YOUR DAMN WHORES, BABY APES! Unfortunately, it looks like things quickly became chaotic. As the musician wrote, punctuated with a teary-eyed emoji: "There is a clear divide of people there to make change mixed [with] people causing chaos.". There are millions of dark people in this country fron all over the world. The old adage goes, FUCK AROUND, FUCK AROUND, & PRETTY SOON YOU WON’T BE AROUND!!! Many of the protesters have been gathering since around March 13, when Taylor was shot and killed during… Raise your families to work for what they want. Please consider donating by hitting the PayPal button above if you’d like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. NO PEACE!" The would move away if a minority family moved next door to them. Blocking roads in downtown Boston and delaying the T is just pissing off a bunch of blue collar workers just trying to go to work, it isnt going to change shit. THIS LOW-LIFE NIGRA IS ALWAYS ASS FUCKING IT’S GEMIMA MUMZI AND BLOWING IT’S BROTHERS & NEIGHBORHOOD DOG & CAT COCK! Believe me, these people can afford to live anywhere they want to live, and they choose to live in a place with exclusionary property values and property taxes that pays lip service to celebrating diversity. Which is scheduled for this evening has been cancelled. Here's what the protests are really like, according to celebrities who were in the thick of it. That’s what many of these suburban BLM lawn signs are all about. Once the negroes learn how to respect themselves, others will also. It was one of the few times in my life when I was truly at a loss for words…, Ahhhhh, MR. BICKLE MY GOOD FRIEND! Christ on crutches holy shit the FBI Bank Robbery task force was in on this? Are house nіggers good or bad? Boston is closed and being run by these ass holes. Usually those pieces of shit swarm all over Proud Boys events. Like Halsey, MGK also attended protests the following day but covered his face with a black bandanna — though the anarchy stomach tattoo was a clear giveaway. "This was completely peaceful. According to Atlanta Black Star, Williams' participation wasn't entirely well-received. "All throughout Beverly Hills and West Hollywood we chanted, people beeped and cheered along. Nick Cannon didn't protest at home. Usually the rebuttal is don’t fight the police, cooperate. I acquired that moniker on 9-23-83 while engaged in a machine gun firefight with North Korean infiltrators inside the U. S. controlled sector.


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