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Film felt the Nazi crackdown early on and Jewish talents like Lorre, Wiene and Kortner were targeted for dismissal with far worse threatened. It looks like we don't have a Synopsis for this title yet. Or… does it? Orlac is a world famous pianist. ?” feel to it that I enjoy. Fellow Orlac veteran Conrad Veidt was not Jewish but left Germany around the same time in protest. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m not that surprised you went for the talkie version. Agreed, hands (ha!) Heck, they could see him from orbit. A world-famous pianist loses both hands in an accident. Dr. Serral transplants Vasseur's hands in Orlac and when he recovers, he feels that there is something wrong with his hands. | But Orlac doesn't know that they actually belonged to a dangerous murderer. Each surgeon manifests the behavior of the previous owner of these body parts. Mad Love follows the plot of The Hands of Orlac fairly closely and so I will just discuss the areas in which it improves on the material. Orlac refuses to touch his wife with the hands of a killer. Like most women, Yvonne is alert enough to get all the creepy vibes from Gogol and does not particularly want to see him again but the train accident and Stephen’s injured hands change all that. Let’s face it, Nera’s plot to blackmail Orlac is an extremely bizarre and roundabout way to come into some cash, especially since the two men seem to have zero personal connection. Original title: The Hands of Orlac. And as much as I’ve avoided “Mad Love,” I guess I’ll have to catch up on that one as well. The full transplant of hands is still not possible, of course, but it is easy to see how the story of The Hands of Orlac was influenced by these facts. It just looks like the Orlacs take Marie Kondo way too seriously. Apparently, the Hayes office was most worried about the train wreck being too violent. A seedy magician suspects what is happening and tries to blackmail him. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Sorry, this is off-topic, but today I saw Mauritz Stiller’s The Song of the Scarlet Flower (1919) with Armas Järnefelt’s original score played live by the Helsinki City (symphony) Orchestra. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, it just wants to chill a few spines and make us go “eewww!” I can respect that. The whole event was a major positive surprise. Be the first to contribute! Taglines Unfortunately, there is a mix-up and instead of their own parts, they are given the stomach of a pig, the eyes of a cat and the hands of a thief. I have basically nothing to add because you said it all – great direction, wonderful antihero in Peter Lorre and I really like Frances Drake’s character. I mean, really, really loves his horror plays. ), The plot device has remained with us, either has a direct remake of The Hands of Orlac (there was one in 1935 and another in 1960 with Mel Ferrer and Christopher Lee) or as an independent story. Da da DUM! Another room. And the patient has a tense relationship with his rich father? And there was a big mid-century battle about whether or not Mad Love influence Citizen Kane and, to be frank, the whole thing makes my eyes glaze over and I would rather talk about other things. Fortunately, Orlac’s maid throws off his mind control and the police actually manage to get it right this time and Nera is arrested. (Naturally, I would love to hear about any earlier instances that you might find. Focusing on Orlac just isn’t as much fun. They have recorded the music on CD. (Sips tea.). These rarities need to build up excitement, which is why a crowdfunding campaign can be very helpful even if funds can be obtained elsewhere. Yes, I agree. Movies Silently is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yvonne Orlac: Alexandra Sorina swoons a lot but she does take charge of the situation near the end. Parents Guide. Rich and famous concert pianist Stephen Orlac flies to France to marry beautiful Louise Cochrane. It’s all terribly over the top, acting and all, but it has a kind of self-aware “AREN’T WE GRUESOME?? Hand/arm transplants and prosthetics gone wrong, hands under the control of evil or even hands that are sentient and evil themselves… they’re everywhere. Conrad Veidt is interesting but the character he plays just isn’t. Next day newspapers run two headlines next to each other: the ruin of his hands, as well as the execution of the strangler Louis Vasseur. The film gets right down to business, opening with Yvonne Orlac (Alexandra Sorina) receiving a letter from her husband, a world famous pianist. His would-be blackmailer is interesting. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Interestingly, Mad Love focuses on class and station considerably more than The Hands of Orlac. The train crash sequence, all metal wreckage and glowing lights, is both dynamic and darkly beautiful. Right? Do they, like The Hands of Orlac, have Expressionist or Expressionist-inspired elements? It’s a shame. We’ve already established that studios and audiences cannot get enough of the Evil Hand trope so it was almost inevitable that The Hands of Orlac would be remade in the sound era. And so the younger Orlac’s finances continue to erode until he finally swallows his pride and goes to his father himself. There is something irresistible about the notion of “I have found the killer and it is me.”. Please consider sponsoring me on Patreon. While I do accept review copies, all books, films and other products or services reviewed were purchased by me through normal retail channels unless otherwise noted. Stephen begins to suspect that there is something up with his hands and Gogol tries to calm him at first. There is a 2017 restoration by the Swedish Film Institute, and now a reconstruction of the score. And Expressionism had pretty much run its course by 1924. Vasseur knifed his victim with a distinct dagger, one with an X carved into the handle. Copyright 2008-2020 by Movies Silently and Fritzi Kramer, all rights reserved. The conductor Jaakko Kuusisto, who also took part in the reconstruction, was signing CDs after the concert. Since I haven’t put forth nearly enough controversial opinions, let’s talk about Expressionism. It just so happens to be one of my favourite movies. The lonely mansion of Orlac’s father is a moody Dracula’s castle with medieval furnishings and the tavern where Orlac meets Nera is as seedy as one could hope for but seedy and/or gothic does not equal Expressionism. With Conrad Veidt, Alexandra Sorina, Fritz Strassny, Paul Askonas. But then he realizes that if he can drive the nervous Stephen over the edge, Yvonne will be single once more…. Mad Love just has so much fun with its gruesome premise that it’s impossible not to like it. His hands, however, have been crushed beyond recovery and must be amputated. Maybe the incredibly multitalented atmosphere of the Järnefelt family prepared Armas for combining different art forms. I personally do not think so. Probably this version will be shown in TV. The remake, called Mad Love this time, is staffed by veterans of Universal’s golden age of horror. Enter your email address to follow this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting MGM to pick up the baton but then again, this is the studio where Lon Chaney and Tod Browning really made their mark with gruesome melodramas. It wouldn’t be fair to compare, say, the more subtle performances of Richard Barthelmess with the dramatic acting of Gustav Fröhlich. Plot Keywords [jahsonic.com] - Les Mains d'Orlac/The Hands of Orlac (1920) - Maurice Renard. Colin Clive is called upon to have a breakdown for most of his screentime but it isn’t unbalanced or distracting because we are watching Gogol’s machinations and Yvonne’s attempts to save him. The Talkie. Yvonne’s employment in a sleazy little horror theater indicates that her roots are hardly aristocratic. Those hands are doomed. It is an awesome acting challenge to make something like your own hands seem completely alien to yourself, as if it is some dark menace stalking you. Realizing that his hands are not the hands of a killer, Orlac is free to embrace his wife. I have a lot of patience and tolerance for the German pace and the German acting style. Brophy is well-cast as the charming killer and it’s nice to see Keye Luke on hand as Dr. Wong, Gogol’s collegue, who is neither stereotyped nor a henchman. Yvonne pleads with Dr. Serral (Hans Homma) to save the hands of her husband since as a musician, his hands are his life. Orlac is not sure that he killed his father and goes with Yvonne to the police. Fortunately, Gogol has the body of Rollo (Edward Brophy), a carnival knife thrower whose knives did not end up in the right place and who was guillotined the same day. The letter goes on about his desire to hold his wife with his hands, feel her with his hands, has he mentioned that he is really into hands? I have no idea why it is rated lower than other 30s horror, especially considering the major issues with classics in the genre. They eventually manage to transplant his hands with those of another deceased person. I have mixed feelings about the performances in this picture, particularly Veidt’s. But Janne Wass’s argument for the silent is extraordinarily compelling–enough to make me want to give it another chance, when I’m in the mood. Also, I would very much like to know how Freund and company snuck all this content through with the Code fully in effect. Not really but this is where we need to talk about how the various components of a film support one another and create a cohesive whole. Maybe the silent takes itself too seriously. Variety liked Veidt but felt the story was silly and Mordaunt Hall thought the picture was generally overacted. And so we have three working class people trying to navigate a new social landscape with varying degrees of success. There are certainly elements of The Hands of Orlac that can be considered Expressionist. I’m sad to say I agree with you on “Orlac”.


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