halifax explosion aftermath

Alternative Titles: Halifax explosion of 1917, the Great Halifax Explosion.

On December 6, 1917, The SS Imo and cargo ship SS Mont-Blanc collided in the Halifax Harbour, resulting in the deaths of over 2000 people and complete destruction of the Turtle Grove Mi’kmaq settlement and what was known as the Richmond District in the North End of Halifax. Nearly 2,000 people died and some 9,000 were injured in the disaster, which flattened more than 1 square mile (2.5 … Halifax explosion, also called Halifax explosion of 1917 or the Great Halifax Explosion, devastating explosion on December 6, 1917, that occurred when a munitions ship blew up in the harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Despite the absolute destruction and the magnitude of relief operations, transatlantic naval convoys had resumed within a week. Keep exploring with these topics: The Royal Canadian Navy

In the aftermath of the explosion, Halifax residents buried their dead, cared for the wounded, and began to rebuild their city.


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