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These solutions should also work for issues such as when your amp goes into protect mode when turned on or when your amp goes into protect mode when car starts. How To Hook Up Two Amps With One RCA Jack Each. A poor power system can also be the main cause of the issue in your stereo system. With electronic gadgets, anything could go wrong when you least expect it. Also, having a poor charging system can be the main culprit giving you a headache. Soft short – To identify this one you measure resistance in between the supply rails to each other, earth and the output do not show low resistance (that is less than 650 ohms or so). In some cases, a shorted or loose wire will make the amplifier go into protect mode to prevent further damage from occurring. I hope you will find the information useful. However, just because a fuse doesn’t look blown, doesn’t mean it’s intact. Diagnosing and fixing the problem will require checking each ground and power wire individually. If you have never had prior experience with an Amp and it happens to go the protective mode way, never try to troubleshoot it. They normally identify blown transistors, punctured mica-washers or solder bridges. Now, both the terminals should not have anything near to zero ohms and in case you do find one or two, they should be removed immediately from the circuit for a checkup. Shortened speaker cables can also make it overheat. Having the right subwoofer can really a difference in the quality of your audio experience. Incorrect wiring is an issue that affects most car owners, especially those who regularly disconnect their amplifiers. Amp is just a device, but sometimes very complicated one, such that even pro technician find it intimidating a times to deal with. Arming yourself with information about how Amp functions can prevent you from scratching your hair out when not sure what could be wrong. Check The Speakers: If only one pair of your speaker cables are causing the amp to jump into protect mode when you turn up the volume, disconnect all your speakers. This may stop sudden cut-offs. Sometimes when the volume is turned up, the amp may generate a lot of heat in the process. As such, you can’t rule this out immediately. Having a stuck rail can be as a result of the following faults near the input: The tricky part is identifying the fault that is why before you troubleshoot, you invest in the best tools to capture the problems effortlessly. Here’s how you can troubleshoot the protect mode when the volume is turned up issue: In simple terms, troubleshooting an amplifier in protect mode starts by bringing it back to basics. Sometimes you want heavier bass on your amp for example. It’s only a few tweaks that can save you time and money. 6 Easy Ways to Get Sound from a Monitor Without Speakers. A common issue is, Having solder bridges in between components pads or tracks, Having a short between heatsink and transistor case, as a result of punctured mica-washer, Transistors that are incorrectly installed, Solder bridges in between component pads or tracks, Having components that are incorrectly installed, Solder bridges in between component pads/ tracks, Open circuit sink transistor/ current source, Non- conducting class- A driver transistor, Having incorrectly installed diodes, transistors, LED’s, Can be caused by open circuit bootstrap resistor chain, How to connect all angles required to make it work, How to troubleshoot when a problem arises, The failure may be due to an installation problem, If you hired someone to install the amp, consult them before doing a lot of tiresome diagnostic work at home. Keep in mind that turning up the volume may involve pumping more power into the amplifier, which will also make it overheat if you’ve been listening to it for a long time. If the Amp functions normally when the volume is dropped, the Amp is experiencing too low an ohmage as a result of mistake with the wiring. When the Amp goes into protect mode when the volume is increased, before making your conclusion and running after the fault blindly, exhaust first all the possible problems. When you entirely fail to identify the shorted outputs, have a keen eye on the emitter resistors to make sure no broken terminals are there. Essentially, you will need to disconnect the amplifier from the speakers and head unit to check if the problem is still there: If your amplifier doesn’t get out of the protected mode even after disconnecting everything, that shows you don’t have power or ground issues. You need to check your transistors as the amp will automatically go into protect mode if they are faulty. Make sure you change the meter leads as you test to measure both polarities. If you can’t turn your amp’s power light on even by pressing the button, you might be in protect mode. This shutdown state prevents serious damage of the amp or any of the components in the system. Essentially, the amp-protect mode is a shutdown state that modern amplifiers go into in different circumstances. Amps go into protect mode for many reasons. Should I Put My Center Speaker Above or Below the TV Screen? Nonetheless, the problem might lie in other components if the amp doesn’t go into protect mode when you add the volume with the speakers and signal wires connected. To figure out about that, have the Amp not to be applied with any power, take the Multimeter, make sure its set to ohms, and measure the resistance that is in the middle of the output transistors terminals. In addition, your amp will start overheating if there’s a mismatch in the speaker’s impedance and its working range. We write for BoomSpeaker because it's our passion; our aim is to provide the very best information on the best audio equipment out there so you can enjoy your music better than ever before. Your amp may have overheated. Denon vs Marantz – Which Brand Is Better? Nothing can be frustrating like when you have your well-functioning Amp, then on turning up the volume, it goes into protect mode. Generally when the fuse holder melts the contact is badly oxidised, and the clips lose their tempering, which means they can longer function properly and will continue to overheat. That means your amplifier might be defective. In the event where you have tried all the manner of things and no leading fault, you can identify, look for an experienced technician to diagnose the problem or consider buying a new Amp altogether. However, it’s wise to start by checking easy points of failure such as fuses though most amps don’t usually go on protect mode due to a blown fuse. Determine what is the exact nature of the problem as once you do that; you will end up with a clear procedure on how to handle the fault. You may get resistance that is higher in the other direction or the same. We are the team behind BoomSpeaker. This could be due to: When identifying the failure, first you should know there are two types of shorts, Hard short – When measured using a multi-meter and no power applied, it shows low resistance in between the supply rails. Every time your Amp experiences a shutdown, just know it is designed to do so to prevent serious damage from happening or components in the Amp system. If the speakers are wrongly wired, which in most cases happens to car owners, this can definitely lead to protect mode. One of the easiest ways of testing this is setting up a 12V fan to blow air over your amp. Call experts, however, if not your first time, learn troubleshooting steps to guide you when that unexpected moment comes. The more your Amp volume is turned up, the more voltage it requires for it to maintain the amplitude levels. We're here to help you find solutions and great prices without sacrificing service.Our Store: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Watch as Allyn goes through some troubleshooting processes that you can try when your amplifier isn't functioning properly. I’m Norvan. Wrongly diagnosed problem may multiply another fault that was not there in the first place. Since it is a power issue, check your battery or the alternator to why they could be changing the voltage on volume increase to see if their voltage is constant. The resistance in a normal fuse rated more than several amps will typically read 0 ohms, though most meters can’t reach that low. Getting acquainted with your Amp can lessen the trouble every time it goes into protect mode. For instance, if you have put on volume 30 and at that level, the Amplifier is working fine with no problem, when you turn to volume 40, the amp goes into protect mode and returning it back to 30 everything works again fine. Sometimes the amplifier is thrown into protect mode because of driver transistors or shorted output.


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