gili air sup uk

In fact, iRocker has a return rate of less than 1/10th of 1% (that’s .001, or 1 out of every 1000 boards), and they have a full 2 year warranty.

Also, the carbon rails mean that even after you load the whole family on, you keep that rigid feeling through the whole board, nose to tail. You can even bring it with you on train, bus, and plane – that’s how convenient the board is to carry.

Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by lakes, rivers, and especially the ocean.

Then there’s the beautiful lotus design on the nose to set the tranquil mood you’re after. This is particularly helpful for beginners who have not experienced the wilderness of the ocean just yet. I think you’ve got me sold on getting a 10′ iRocker Al-Around board for my daughter and wife to share. Required fields are marked *.

However, to answer your question, I don’t think it has quite the same quality or durability. The width and thickness balance the weight support you need for a stable time in the water, but also keeping things fast in the water and easy to carry out of it.

It features high-quality materials that make the paddle board last longer than expected. Hope to hear from you soon. If that is a concern, then I’d go with the 11′ All-Around, which will have enough space and weight capacity for you, your 9 year old son, and the dog. Hi there – I’m debating between the Gili and the iRocker All-Around. Now, between the 2019 and 2020 models: I love them both. Yet, there’s still room to improve your skills! I am new to boarding but am a fast learner and am athletic. Boasting a triple-layer rail design for increased stiffness, it must be said that this board almost felt like a hard, non-inflatable SUP. It comes with a super light carbon paddle which is great for longer trips and a single fin setup which is ideal for touring.
What if I could build high quality paddle boards with a portion of each S.U.P.

So glad your getting into SUPing!!

While all around SUPs can surf small breaks, a SUP designed for surfing will typically be smaller and narrower. She will be using it in lakes, inlets and possibly in shallow river with very mild rapids. john. Definitely, worth it! It’s a huge deck at 35” wide, but the nose and tail tapered in for the pre-mentioned performance.

I read many articals about SUPs posted on your website and surprised by your insightful ideas of SUPs, we think you are professional SUP enthusiast. Bring your dog with you for a relaxing paddling session or your friend for a fun adventure – the board’s length easily allows you to do so.

They are as close to a hardboard as it gets. Looking at widths of 32-33″ but not sure exactly what would be best for my needs. The Blackfin and Atoll paddles – both carbon fibre, are quite similar as are the iRocker and ThursoSurf – both fibreglass. Overall the board is awesome, and we are excited to see what Thurso Surf comes out with in the future as they continue to grow! They also include a triple action, double chamber pump like the iRocker and BLACKFIN. paddler looking for racing and all-around use? Both are factors that could cause the board to slightly bend in the middle, especially if your SUPing in bad weather or choppy conditions and are close to the weight limit.

I had no idea so many inflatables so hoping you have advice for 2020 boards (or if there is good deal on a 2019 board). I’m not sure if we should be dropping that much cash on our first boards. Let me know if you have other questions, and I’d love to know what you decide to go with! I will take back to Florida to use in the surf in Bay from time to time. However, if left in water, the paddle sinks a bit too fast.

This fancy name means that rather than gluing the core layers together by hand, the layers are fused by the machine. thanks for your message. The fins do a good job when it comes to tracking, stability, and maneuverability. I’m not as worried worried about the weight. The 5mm EVA deck pad provides you with great traction and doesn’t fail at a sign of stormy weather.

The Gili Air is suitable for beginners, youth and smaller paddlers, adventurous SUPers, and any paddleboarder looking for all-around SUP. The paddling essentials – the paddle, a safety leash, a pump, and a carry-on bag – are already included in the price.

This leash has a triple Velcro lock and features a compact design. Shape, Volume, Max Pressure, Valve Type. The transportation of the board is not difficult either – tie it to your vehicle with the roof racks or carry it by holding into its handle to the nearby beach. Keep in mind though that it will be a bit less stable than other boards that have a wider nose. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. The GILI iSUP features an attractive design that definitely catches the eye. I began leaning toward the Thurso Surf 11’6″ Expedition Touring as a serious contender. I’ve been looking at the iRocker 11 foot All-Around and the Atoll. He also appreciates the bag and says that it made transportation so easy. The Max is a great board as well, but I personally prefer the Waterwalker. Life long snowborder so balance isn’t an issue. Hope that helps you make a decision , Thanks for the quick reply and the great site Sacky!

It was just fantastic.
However, the pump that is included is pretty large and bulky. Do you want to provide your own feedback, and let other interested paddleboarders know about your experiences with the Gili Adventure 11’? I’ve gone paddle boarding lots of times before, but this is the first time buying. 3. I don´t care that much about weight as I will be driving to the water, so I am leaning more to the Blackfin XL. It’s a great cruiser and it supports plenty of weight so you can bring some gear. I’m excited for the board to come and am planning on getting the 10′ when it gets back in stock. This inflatable paddle board is also affordable. I’m fairly sporty and used to water sport, but it will be my first SUB I’m female, 5’9” (1.8 m) and 69 kg, Hey. That’s probably the reason why there are not a lot of reviews. The rocker has been raised even higher from past Adventure models, making it even better suited for handling chop and small waves. Now the only other thing that comes into the performance is the paddle.

It’s also very easy to use, and by following the instructions printed on the pump you’ll become a master at inflating after just a couple of trips.

We brought out a group of beginners to intermediate SUPers and not a single one could tell us which board tracked better. Combine that versatility with quality materials, construction, and customer support and you end up with a fantastic iSUP that works for just about anyone in any situation. I would say the stability and speed are about the same. The Waterwalker is a great touring board, speedy but stable. Which will play a huge part in how often you use your board. I’m 5’6 and like a fairly fast ride and would be paddling flat water with possible boat wake. We’ve sacrificed everything to test 54 different boards. Dry-bags, coolers, cell phone cases, and other small bags and pouches will all easily clip onto the D-rings that litter the SUP board. We’ve paddled in rivers, seas, rapids, and lakes. Size is the same, but Thurso weighs quite a bit more. You can also detach it in 3 separate parts so it can fit comfortably in the bag that is included in the package. irocker 11 sounds like a good beginner board for those environments?

Take your hobby to the next level with the PEXMOR Youth & Adult SUP board.

I bought it and it fell apart the first time I used it.


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