films about hitler

If only to understand how funny it is to see the artistes of the world trying to describe it without saying anything nice about Nazis. He brought upon the Nazi era in Germany and that can be easily deemed as one of the darkest periods in the history.

The forests of the Ardennes.

Movies which copied by Bollywood and released.

Looking toward U.S. soldiers as the horrific enemy, showing how their troops feared American troops is interesting.Granted this movie could have been shot better, I am satisfied with its quality. The movie makes it look as if Hitler were a coward in the trenches, when he was a fearless soldier. A unique slant, profiling the life of Adolf Hitler as a child and his rise through the ranks of the National Socialist German Workers' Party prior to World War II.

This is a British Independent Film, so I was not expecting brilliant acting or amazing special effects. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 and he died in the year 1945, where he allegedly shot himself.

| Profits were at stake.

The elements include a number of apparently unrelated children, a decades-old plot, a series of murders, Josef Mengele, and a short appearance by one `Steven' Guttenberg, in an early film role.

This movie has driven cinephiles and artsy folks crazy for years.

Movies must have Adolf Hitler as a character.

A Nazi hunter in Paraguay discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich. 199,237 | Gross:

And that evil, no matter how clear and vicious in nature, is still attached to a human being, and hence is ultimately enormously complex.This is a great film that any serious film student or lover should see.

In my opinion, this is a film that should be shown in schools to illustrate the Second World War with.

Hitler lived from 1889 to 1945 and was responsible for the Nazi era in Germany. Director:

Stars: A late seventies film starring the cream of cinema from 20 years earlier, this follows a Nazi plot (in the present day) and the efforts of a Nazi hunter to put the pieces together.

Many movies have been made on Hitler and here are five Hitler movies that you must check out.

With Peter Stormare, Friedrich von Thun, Peter O'Toole, Zoe Telford. Ulrich Matthes,

Bruno Ganz, | | Gross:

Carice van Houten, Larry Reinhardt-Meyer, Peter O'Toole, While the movie fails to produce a real "scare factor" quality, it does provide an adequate thriller/mystery feel, and I enjoyed it, 13 min 88 min

Lists about the Hitler's Germany, which Der Führer ruled through fascism from 1933 to 1945. 5 Best Movie Sequels That Were More Impressive Than The First Film, Things You Probably Didn’t Know About URI: The Surgical Strike.

Complains regarding the American/English accents and the German actors not speaking with German accents, or criticizing that Stauffenberg was "in reality" more charming and not as stiff as Cruise' interpretation, are niggling and banal at best. | I agree with many of the negative reviews posted here, for reasons I will go into later on.
As if afraid the audience can't handle the idea of evil and courage in the same person, the writers make Hitler look like a whining coward who "begged" for an Iron Cross. Charles Chaplin, Documentary, History, War. | R Taken objectively, the film is a masterpiece of images, technically flawless, and really quite a stunning achievement. Drama, History, Thriller.

Germany, 1944. But the story still works.Now in regard to the factual inaccuracies of the script -- Hitler's perversions and cruelty are rendered in a vibrant, compelling drama. | | Gross: The films shows Germany’s rise to power with Hitler at the helm of things.

Dictator Adenoid Hynkel tries to expand his empire while a poor Jewish barber tries to avoid persecution from Hynkel's regime. Adolf Hitler, 156 min Released in 1940, "The Great Dictator" was the first Hollywood film that denounced Hitler directly (albeit in the guise of Adenoid Hynkel), took a virulent stand against fascism, and directly addressed Anti-Semitism.Over-long, at times heavy-handed, it still has many wonderful sequences, including the famous dance with the globe, and all the scenes of Chaplin with Jack Oakie, each trying to out-do the other and prove his superiority.One criticism that seems to occasionally rear its head is the implication that Chaplin's pre-World War II anti-fascism was somehow wrong-headed.


This is such a classic piece of mystery drama, it's inconceivable that it's not better known.

She uses her eyes and voice to suggest all the horror that will be visited on millions in the years to come.


Director: This proves, amongst other things that Adolf Hitler did not want war with Britain and he did know about the final solution.The repression of the Nazi Party's organisation against the Germans themselves is also highlighted, and this is very rarely covered.Highly commended.

I was pleasantly surprised about the "American" interpretation in Valkyrie and think that Singer and Cruise came up with an excellent film.

See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Stars:

Without revealing any of the sexual filth directly, Jena Malone plays out all the horror of the slow extinction of a young girl's spirit. 125 min |

This movie about Hitler was ghost produced by none other than Adolf Hitler himself. It is a shame that not always such outstanding names like these are remembered for this little great things. This film definitely is a must-see because of the incomparable degree of realism displayed in it. $0.29M. Hermann Göring, They also suggest his comrades despised him, when in reality he was widely admired by officers and enlisted men alike. That's the next problem, the ideas and society it idealizes and promotes are quite compelling. What are the best movies about Hitler and his life? It was little goyisha Charley Chaplin, playing a Jewish barber, who took a public stand.While "The Great Dictator" may not among Chaplin's finest films, it may, historically, be his finest hour. The interplay between Stormare and Carlisle illuminates the way Hitler relished Rohm's brutality, but later sacrificed him for political reasons.Jena Malone turns in a heartrending performance as Geli Raubal, Hitler's doomed niece and the victim of his unspeakable perversions.

In fact it unquestionably rises above simple "propaganda" and succeeds in being a film about ideas and society.

The depressing thing is that the mini-series succeeds so well in representing Hitler as a monster in honest ways -- but they just couldn't resist the cheap shot.All in all, however, Hitler: RISE OF EVIL is a soaring success highlighted by powerful performances.

This movie about Hitler was ghost produced by none other than Adolf Hitler himself. At a time when German diplomats have begun to accuse the British of being obsessed with the war, the BBC decided to record as many unrepentant old Nazis as could be found and persuaded to talk.

Director: It is probably impossible to provide a more realistic account, without *any* form of judgment.A major achievement, even for Germany as a whole. Günther Ruschin.

Comedy, Short. An examination of how a cultured people could have allowed Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

Director: The film does not provide any commentary or judgment, it just shows facts.The film is criticized because it gives the Nazi's a human face, but this is exactly it's strongest point: the Nazi's were not extraterrestrial monsters, they were as human as you and I.

Comedy, Drama, War. Peter Stormare, BTW: I was glad to see Nina von Stauffenberg portrayed as the knowing and smart wife that she actually was. Hitler is so evil he dominates everyone but the thuggish, primitive Rohm -- and he clearly digs Rohm for just that reason.

A platoon of battle weary German soldiers, forced into confusion and retreat by advancing Allied forces, take refuge in an isolated Siegfried Line bunker. Valkyrie. This one is a satirical film where Adolf Hitler wakes up in a park, where his bunker stood earlier, in present-day Berlin. | The atrocities of the Holocaust weren't fully known to the world yet, so Chaplin's anti-Hitler diatribe is, in the minds of some, misguided.

Paulette Goddard,

Three drinking buddies discover a time machine and decide to go back in time and punch Adolf Hitler every day of his life.

| Gross:

But strangely, it provides insights as well, once one knows about the evil that the Nazis did--the movie shows the attraction, the compelling nature of some ideas. While a brute like Rohm simply loves the idea of crushing skulls under his boots, Schrieber's character is one of many Germans who abhors Nazi violence but can't resist the quick and easy route to money and power.

Not Rated Oliver Hirschbiegel Heinrich Himmler, This experimental film releases in 1977 and was co-produced by BBC. We are so used to looking at them as the enemy, its somewhat refreshing to see the enemy footsoldier's P.O.V.

32 min

this is a imaginary movie about Hitlers life.Three drinking buddies discover a time machine and decide to go back in time and punch Adolf Hitler every day of his life. Bryan Singer Obviously the school received strange invasions of military spies, but Pereira not only continued to show this masterpiece, but also made a great ceremony out of it, speaking loudly and profoundly of what nazism meant, what were it terribly effects, and why Argentina has falled again in the taste for this awfull criminal behaviour. Stars: Set in 1944, Valkyrie is an account of high-ranking German army officers plotting to assassinate Adolf Hitler. This teacher, Manlio Pereira, was the director of the only private film school during the late ´70s. Stars:


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