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However, due to fate, and financial circumstances, she becomes a tenant in Nam Sae Hee's house as they move to live under the same roof. The chemical charm between leads is so perfect in both shows. Although she has a university degree, she has not been able to get a better job and therefore doesn’t have her own house and has given up on love. ♥♥♥♥♥On Korean TV Entertainment, we love sharing the best scenes of the Kdramas. No, this is not an adaptation of Disney's wooden puppet. Also played in Episode 5 during Aera and Moobin’s date, Highlight – Plz Dont Be Sad Fight For My Way puts its heroes through various hardships -- like Choi Ae-ra (portrayed by Kim Ji-won) having her career sabotaged more than once by her best friend Ko Dong-man's (played by Park Seo-joon) jealous girlfriend -- forcing them to fight for their dreams. Youre welcome V, it is my pleasure thanks to you too, your post gave me a headstart in identifying the songs from the drama. Dreams vs. realistic goals. While the show delves mainly into one question -- will tech make us happy? Thanks for letting us know . It’s still a mystery for me since that time. Sanullim (산울림) – 아니 벌써 Already Now (Played in the opening sequence when everyone was waking up) Now, he makes a living by working as a contract employee and also goes after the UFC title.Choi Ae-Ra hoped to become an announcer, but she gave up her dream. “Secret Love Affair” is a bit different from the usual Korean dramas as it is a serious show with no comedic moments, slower-than-usual pacing, and touches on a more taboo topic of adultery. Now, they have to confront the change in their feelings towards each other as well as overcome difficulties to make … YouTube, EPISODE 16 What was the song in ep 10 during flashback, Dong-man and Hye-ran’s 100 days together. The childhood "friend"ships, and featuring cute end clips of them in their childhood interactions. Soon is fast running out of time though, and if she doesn't meet the deadline she'll become an evil spirit. They also have hilarious comedy. it just has the same atmosphere. Did you find us? The overly used drama or movie trope but still manages to capture our hearts. YouTube | iTunes, Kim Won-sung 김완선 – 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지 – (The song Aera sings at the beach) Hi Micro-Hulk! You can stream it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Viki. Nam Sae Hee (Lee Min Ki) is a single man who has decided not to marry anyone and who, with much effort, managed to buy his own house. Thank you so much, admin! The catch is you have to "live and die" every few decades and get a new fake identity so the authorities won't suspect something's up. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. YouTube, 김세레나 – 새타령 (The song the older woman sang at the wedding) Ditching the usual Cinderella storyline, this feel-good drama goes in favour of life's "supporting actors." Santa Esmeralda’s version of Baby Do You Understand Me Now (Everyone is driving to Daechon) YouTube | iTunes, Kim Won Seo (김완선) – A clown watching us and laughing (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지) We will keep looking for it, hopefully we find it. It's refreshing to see Do stop a bus with her bare hands and punch teeth out of street mafia. If there's something not listed here you've loved watching, share it with us in the comments below. Due to personal problems caused by her strict father, Yoon Ji Ho decides to move away from his house. Our Kdrama Inspired Romantic Comedy Novel! Drama: Fight For My Way; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 16; Aired: May 22, 2017 - Jul 11, 2017; Aired On: Monday, Tuesday; Original Network: KBS2; Duration: 60 min. Korean dramas themes mainly focus on morals, principles and living as an upright person. Watch the most intense situations, fall in love again with your favorite characters and get infatuated with the drama. Thanks you very much. Watch 2019/2020 k-dramas with EngSub for free! Navi 나비 – I aint going home tonight 집에 안갈래 (When Aera tells Dongman she is not going home tonight) I was especially annoyed with Ji Sun Woo with regard to how she dealt with her son’s fight with his classmate. YouTube | iTunes, EPISODE 10 Things get a little intense on Circle: Two Worlds Connected. In the kdrama “Because this is my first life”, Ji Ho (Jung So Min) and her friends forge a 10-year old friendship after fighting and having nothing in common. We re-listened to the end of episode 1 and we heard the English version! The Sound of Your Heart offers this formula for success: Paint the mundanity of your family's daily life. At the beginning of episode 15 is IU’s “When Love Passes By” (사랑이 지나가면). Strongest Deliveryman is a story about a food delivery app. The best-told story on Korean television! Will they still annoy one another, even if they are best friends?♥ Because This Is My First Life Synopsis ♥ What could come out of a forced relationship between a poor man who owns a house and a woman struggling financially? Alice | SBS | 22:00 (review), SATURDAY + SUNDAY iTunes, Special Track Wings, Fly Up (March) The series, based on his 2006 webtoon, covers his mom's attempt to one-up her friend's smart home devices, his brother's hours-long video call involving a trip to the grocery store, and how Jo won the heart of his girlfriend-turned-wife, Ae Bong (Jung So-min). The show is full of hilarious moments, but as with most dramas featuring death, prepare to sob into your Kleenex. With Seo-joon Park, Ji-Won Kim, Jae-hong Ahn, Ha-Yoon Song. Money Game (Jan) Kim Won Seo (김완선) – A clown watching us and laughing (삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지) What is the name of the song played in episode 3 at 9:35? It premiered on May 22, 2017 every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 on KBS2. Put simply, Korean culture is going global in a big way. Descendants of the Sun is a love story starring real-life couple Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, who play the captain of South Korea's Special Forces Unit and a doctor respectively. Taiwanese Idol dramas appear to enjoy a small resurgence recently with the hit drama “Someday or One Day” starring Alice Ko and Greg Hsu. Ditching the usual Cinderella storyline, this feel-good drama goes in favour of life's "supporting actors." YouTube | iTunes, EPISODE 9 At first, I could not recall what song it was till I came here and realized it was IU singing. Fight For My Way is also a realistic portrayal of life but instead of talking about youngsters in their 20s, university, first love and so on; it's more about life when you are in your late 20s and early 30s. Your blog is usefull. The Korean sci-fi suggests the world will be split in two: one called "Smart Earth," equipped with all sorts of high-end technology, and the other more like society as we know it. iTunes, Part 3 YouTube | iTunes, IU 아이유 – Good Day 좋은 날 Some netizens felt that it was open-ended and disliked it, but I chose to see it as Joon Young […], What a terrible mess. This Korean sci-fi involves a dynamite combo of action and clones. Based on the timestamps: that have you laughing so hard your stomach hurts, to 100-episode dramas with increasingly ridiculous story lines you can't help finding yourself addicted to.


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