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I found myself rooting for the direction the film seemed to take. After all, it makes perfect sense that the deep and instantaneous connection between the two female leads is borne of sexual tension. And then you fucked my husband and my insurance plan. She was right outside the fence by the kickball yard at recess. While Darren is pretty stereotypical—a cisgender white gay man with a sassy personality—I appreciate that he enjoys a slightly more nuanced relationship with Stephanie that is neither purely antagonistic, nor unquestioningly supportive. While no scenes feel gratuitous—every subplot neatly serves its broader mystery—the final product still manages to resemble an overstuffed turkey. Hey, Nicky! Can I say something, as the lady with the gun? Right now? Sean I'm not lying! Stephanie But I don't know. This offer is valid now through December 27, 2020. Sean : Fuck you! Instead, A Simple Favor projects the overwhelming sense that women are pitted against each other, vying for individual success. To me, Emily did feel like the villain to this story and the fact of her being sexually fluid didn’t seem to help her case, as the movie builds her up to be someone who is amoral through various characterizations, not the least of which includes her sexual exploits. Stop lying. Calling All Rebel Girls! : That said, considering that the film doesn’t take the moment anywhere else, it feels anti-climatic at best, or an annoying use of the male gaze at worst. Browse our catalog to find the right class for you, tell a friend and take the class together over Zoom, or organize a 'cocktails + crafts' night with a friend in your bubble so you can learn something new together. Still, the thrust of A Simple Favor is driven by two white leads, so the overall narrative remains firmly rooted in a white perspective. Miles Smothers Miles saw her too, right Miles? “I love Henry Golding so much,” the director told THR. The police are called, and Stephanie finds herself the center of attention as Emily's "best friend." : Sean Sean When it counts, trust Clorox. Use the code "CLOROXCARES" at checkout to redeem your free month of classes. Nicky, this is unhealthy. : It’s great seeing a romantic male lead of Asian descent, and even though much of his onscreen sizzle is delivered through an elegant English accent, the fact remains that this is a positive step forward in dispelling the stereotypes of Asian men in American media. Screenwriter Jessica Sharzer adapted the fictional novel by Darcey Bell—incidentally, both Iowa-born women—and director Feig has illustrated a strong body of work that celebrates women. : Release Dates Is this a game, like when you smash everything with trucks? (photos via Steven Ferdman/Getty Images + Peter Iovino/Lionsgate). While Kevin O’Keeffe of Into calls this “refreshing...that the character’s bisexuality isn’t made into a nefarious detail about her,” I actually interpreted this differently. What are you waiting for? : © 2020 Mediaversity Reviews. Title: A Simple FavorDirector: Paul Feig Writers: Screenplay by Jessica Sharzer based on the novel by Darcey Bell . Emily, you sit down. For starters, Henry Golding—who is half-Malaysian and half-English—sees just as much screen time as Lively, if not more. Emily (Blake Lively) at left and Sean (Henry Golding) at right. I grew up on fantasy books, and I still love them. “I guess it’s a blessing?” he joked. My only quibble in this category is the lack of positive female relationships. “A lot of people are like, ‘How do you feel about being a heartthrob?’ And I’m like, ‘I’ve been the same guy for a little while.’ But no, it’s been extremely sweet. And he works so hard and he’s just a team player. : I don’t know that the film itself is very memorable, but at least you won’t be annoyed by stereotypes or misogyny while you’re watching A Simple Favor. Official Sites Nicky Nelson Feel better, get smarter, and LOL a little… every week. (It's the #1 Choice for Disinfection!). : Emily : Sean, I was just trying to get us out of crushing fucking debt. The actor, who’s married to TV host Liv Lo, appreciates the enthusiasm but admits that all of the attention has been a little overwhelming. : Nicky Nelson Different as the two women are, they acquire a believable friendship based on loneliness and secret-spilling. During the film, she spends much of her time playing the perfect mother to both her own son and Emily’s, and she finds herself entangled with Emily’s husband Sean Townsend (Henry Golding). Subscribe to our newsletter.Plus, get access to the latest and greatest content from Brit + Co. Henry Golding made his feature-film debut as the male lead in this summer’s smash-hit rom-com Crazy Rich Asians. Sean Could not get any geekier, really.”. : She's an enigma my wife. Thanks to Clorox for making this happen! Sean Well, lots of people look like someone else. Emily We've teamed up with Clorox to give you the gift of unlimited creativity now through the end of the year. I saw her! I’ve been such a fan of his for so long.”, Feig has similar praise for Golding. This is so typical of you! Science fiction is like my greatest thing. So, we had to know: What would people be surprised to find out about Golding? The straightforward one includes the small but important role of Darren (Andrew Rannells), a gay dad whose primary function is to throw shade at Stephanie and to corral the small group of moms who band together as friends of convenience, smoking weed and watching the drama unfold between Stephanie and Emily like it’s their personal entertainment. Your pass lasts one month from when you checkout. Sean This natural centering of women makes sense, once you consider who’s crafting the story. TV and film reviews graded on gender, race, and LGBTQ diversity. Company Credits : Secondly, Emily herself appears to be bisexual, or at least open to threesomes with her husband and another woman as the film mentions. “He’s the greatest guy and the nicest man in the world. Stephanie’s onscreen interactions and backstory both orbit men. : Outside of Golding and Ho, supporting and minor roles are also fairly diverse. “I’m an inner geek,” he told Brit + Co at the film’s world premiere at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art on Monday, September 10. Eventually, we discover her dark past, as Stephanie found herself involved in a slightly twisted, but thrilling attraction to a man she shouldn’t have been attracted to. I think we should just sit down and talk this out. Finally, what’s to be made of The Kiss—the moment between Emily and Stephanie? Okay, you guys. : | She's like a, beautiful ghost. And then, Emily goes missing. Emily Let's say so long to the weirdest year ever by checking those big learn-something-new goals off our perpetual to-do lists. He’s so elegant. You were. | Emily (Blake Lively) at left and Sean (Henry Golding) at right Sean’s son, Nicky (Ian Ho), is mixed-race. : Stephanie Sean This means you have unlimited access to all the classes during that month. Still haven't taken up that new creative skills you swore you'd learn this year? But you had me made you dinner, watching your kid, sucking your dick. Stephanie You can get close to her, but you never quite reach her. Promos for the Paul Feig-directed film have been intentionally vague, which plays into the movie’s central mystery.


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