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The theory is these are false memories based on their perspective. So, I guess we'll have to settle with the baby-delivering stork theory since it would make sense in a world of cars. taking over the world through the cars we love or any other idea in that vein…well, maybe they did. Except humans aren’t around at all, so to make up for this, the cars take on the personalities of the humans who owned them. Stopping distances are a necessary part of the theory test questions and is used alongside the 2 second rule for safer driving.

But I don’t see how that same tree can live through the events in ‘WALL-E’ and somehow come back to life, unless it’s a magic tree. The Cars films are clearly supposed to be set on Earth.

Tony Trihull gets killed when Finn puts bombs onto the magnet. I do believe that the bugs lifespans have been altered greatly, you quoted in the theory of ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ “the longer evolution of these strange creatures brought about magic,” which get’s me to believe that the aging enhancement of bugs where effected by magic. Which leads us to a terrifying counter-theory: Which leads us to a terrifying counter-theory: 2. However, Cars 2 shows Mater using his mouth to drink it, while in Time Travel Mater, the cars have the water going into the holes to their radiators instead of their mouths. And cars might probably still die of other things, like old age and diseases.


Some believe that a female car can get pregnant by a male car and can give birth like a human (or an animal). You can sometimes fix the engine.

The Cars theories page on World of Cars Wiki has been removed on November 10, 2012 by RodRedlineM1, a few days after I posted this blog. (This ties with my personal theory of post-Toy Story 1 Buzz also being a boring character, hence why in both sequels, they had to bring back Original Buzz, just sneakily in different forms [Belt Buzz, Spanish Buzz].) Finally for Heimlich, it takes two weeks for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, so I assume he got into his cacoon two weeks before the final moments of the movie.

And for the sake of time, I’ll give you the ridiculously short version of the Pixar Theory itself to set this up, though only the most relevant details you need to know now. Also, at one point in the film, it goes static, leaving the address on the screen for half a second, which led to an exclusive clip of Cars 2.

There is an obvious hole in this theory: the cars in Cars do not appear to be organic.

Also, after landing on Hendricks, McQueen says, "My bones! The world gets totally massacred, Skynet-style. Our visitors we see in ‘Toy Story 2’ and ‘Up’ are only playing and gazing at the sky. A very early concept for Cars showing McQueen's insides shows how a car may be inside and how they can do other things like think (a brain), see (eyes behind the windshield/windscreen) etc. Examples of deaths, and when the Lemons try to kill someone. Sounds about right based on the material we’re working with, but hey, at least I’m not trying to convince you that cars are insects. We all know that Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3 are confusing enough when thinking about how their world works or makes sense compared to ours. Also I don’t think it’s the same tree from ‘WALL-E,’ it’s too complicated to be that exact looking tree, plus the Axiom might not move for being a historical monument. As for the weather pattern, it got me to think. And they can't develop a baby bump since cars are made out of metal.

Dan Whitney - a.k.a. Stuff I’ll be saying comes from the book.

These last examples may be done out of organic matter.

- June 18, 2017 02:12 pm EDT. I think this is your way of replying back to MatPat’s Cars are insects theory. Proves of cars religion and cars believes are seen in some parts of the Cars series. When the vehicles were suppossed to gain self-awareness? As for the pizza planet truck and the trailer, I think the shot in ‘Monsters Inc.’ is in the bayou. It is saying about that cars might be built, or maybe a female car gives birth. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Jenna Anderson It is saying about that cars might be built, or maybe a female car gives birth. And similar to the movie Toy Story, the cars themselves actually come to life because humans are not around. But we also saw cars have a tongue and this kind of teeth (Note McQueen's teeth are like a white and clean wall, while Mater's teeth are more like a tooth by tooth dentadure). As for humans being absent, well this goes along with an explanation that motivated me to come up with this whole thing, the tree. That’s why, in Cars 2, the plot hinges on creating a system of alternative fuels. The following is a transcription of the video you can watch above explaining all of this. In the comic book Cars: Rally Race #2, there is a page featuring a seagull, a crab, and a starfish. I don’t believe that winter happened overnight, I think they went through the whole winter, a harsh one that is. Now the question is: can cars eat food like in our world?

You state in your theory on how ‘The Good Dinosaur’ fits with all the other Pixar movies is that since the asteroid never hit the Earth and caused the dinosaurs to have human intelligence millions of years later.
Pixar studio stories McQueen has no hands.mp4, Pixar Studio Stories: McQueen has no hands.

In Tokyo Mater, there is the House of Donuts, which there were police cars spinning round and round, doing donuts, but also the proper donuts are shown at the counter by the forklifts, and they are shaped like wheels.

Food like our world's food exists in Cars' world?

Also, Professor Z mentions to find the second agent, who is actually Mater, and kill him as well.

This explains why there are flashbacks in the first Cars movie to a version of the 20th Century where cars are the people instead of the actual people.

In ‘A Bug’s Life’ John Lasseter says the trailer is Todd’s (the pizza delivery guy, his car versions name is stated in ‘Cars’) humble home, he invisions it at least. In the timeline of the Pixar movies, Cars occurs during the offscreen events of WALL-E, or 2110 to be exact. But, in Cars 2, we see a lights vendor with eyes on the headlights instead of the windshield, not only that, we can also note a steering wheel, a roof rearview and 2 seatings inside the car (see image below), making no room for the brain.

Pixar already set somewhat of a precedent for this with Mater's Tall Tales, a series of questionably-canonical short films in which Mater retells stories of his unbelievable adventures. I´m not buying the Cars´ theory. (Well that could be assumed by the movie itself). Yes, he does. Cars takes place in the future, after living automobiles have destroyed the human race. In the just-released sequel, McQueen and his pal Mater take a spin around the world, visiting Tokyo, London, and a city in Italy. After McQueen and Mater left the Hudson Hornet Memorial Museum, McQueen seems fine and not sad at all.

The Combat Ships, including Tony Trihull, try to use missiles to try to kill Finn, as well as that the lemons used lighters to try to kill him, but he still gets away with them, and tricks them into thinking that he's really dead.

In the Ye Left Turn Inn in Cars 2, the cars are drinking beer, and get angry at Grem and Acer after their beer is spilt. In El Materdor, a baby is heard crying off-screen when the stadium audience believes that Chuy killed Mater. The following is a transcription of the video you can watch above explaining all of this.

Whitney is essentially arguing that the events of Cars 2 never really happened in the Cars canon, but essentially existed outside of it as one of Mater's fantastical stories. I like it even better than [Cars 2]." According to Cars 2 and Time Travel Mater, cars do drink water.


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