binance fees calculator

Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Taking the same example of me selling BNB @ 23.2098 and binance converting my USDT to BNB @ 23.1935, means the spread is 0.0163USDT. It is based on volumes in the period from mid-October 2017 to mid-January 2018 and makes the implicit assumption of zero growth in trading volumes thereafter. How does the Binance Calculator work? (15 October 2017 to 15 Jan. 2018). Also, I will give you detailed information about Binance Futures fees, fee calculation, funding rate and profit calculator. It is a Google Sheet that brings in live volumes data required to calculate Binance Exchange Revenues, and calculates Profit and Fair Value of Binance Exchange, and Fair Value of Binance Coin ($BNB). Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume Token margined with or without expiry dates and up to 125x leverage My current fee levels are 0.075% for both maker and taker because im paying the fees in BNB. Learn how to use the calculator on Binance Futures in this quick and easy video explainer. I then made one myself which is also ignored. Press J to jump to the feed. They are Binance Labs (a blockchain technology incubator) and Binance Info. Reasons Burn (Q3) might be lower than Burn (Q2). Binance charges 0.1% to both sides for fees paid in all coins excl. And the amazing thing is that there is the opportunity for ordinary people to buy equity in this company at this early stage by buying Binance Coin. Therefore the estimate of revenue is an under-estimate and the profitability (Net Income / Gross Income) is overstated. Binance does not yet offer margin trading so it receives no Lending a.k.a. **********************************To learn more about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency visit Binance Academy: https://academy.binance.comTo trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies visit Binance Exchange:***********************************Binance Academy - Blockchain and Crypto ExplainedTwitter: https://academy.binance.comBinanceTwitter:*********************************** This model analysis excludes any consideration of Withdrawal Fees and Listing Fees and Profit from cryptoasset investments in its estimates of Revenues. 3. To avoid these fees, switch to debit card or bank account. Thanks for the information! More information on this in this Medium piece by San Eng of Digital Alchemy Holdings. It is a little higher than the minimum 0.05% (fee applicable to payments made in BNB) to account for possibility some traders pay in other currencies (where fee is 0.1%), and also for the fact that minimum fee will be 0.075% from July 2018. Update at 25 April 2018: Model updated following 15 April BNB Burn. Profits in Q2 are estimated to have been $189,353,000. User VIP level and fee rates are updated daily at 02:00 (UTC) to correspond with the fee schedule in the table below. Each level also comes with a requirement that you hold a certain amount of BNB. 3. Update at 13 March 2018: Asked to dinner by CZ! Crypto trading volumes are on an inexorable rising trend and so are likely to increase from these levels. It is arguable that this model’s estimate of the fair price of $BNB is too low for two reasons. 2. (As matter of interest, Bitmex Exchange is seeing larger volumes than this, but its volumes are not listed at Coinmarketcap.).
Hi guys, just wondering how does binance calculate the fees for Sell orders. Deposit Fees Free. I know the written fee is 0.1%. Binance offers eight levels of fee discounts (VIP 1-VIP 8) depending on your 30-day trading volume (as measured in bitcoin). You'll need Microsoft Excel to use this calculator. This drops your maker fee to 0.09%, and your taker fee remains at 0.1%. In mid-July 2018 the discount for paying fees in BNB falls from 50% to 25%. More coverage of this at Bloomberg. However, the spread from buying BNB to selling BNB to be pretty wide especially for a market which has really high volume with 4 decimal places and the spreads doesnt seem to be more than 0.01USDT apart. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can open your Futures account with a 20% trading fee discount and start trading on Binance Futures by following the steps below. In general, without using BNB to pay fees, the fee is always paid in the asset you end up with. (Other unicorns were all in the red at such an early stage.) It’s Going After the Dollar, Everything You Need to Know About MoatFund, All In One Place (Updated Regularly), Bitcoin, the Winklevoss Twins and Money Tech. Binance will add a significant new revenue source (30% to 40% of total revenues in the case of Bitfinex) according to its roadmap, namely Margin Lending Fees when it introduces Margin Trading. Buy Binance Coin. Trading Fees All your trades that include a fee, including the calculated fee value at transaction and the current fee value. Trading Fees If you are not using BNB (Binance Coin) to pay your trading fees, each trade will carry a standard fee of 0.1%. Funding Fees. Binance is almost certainly the fastest startup to achieve unicorn status (private company with $1bn+ valuation) AND to make a profit in history. There are no fees for deposits. The largest DEX is IDEX which is placed at 68 in exchange volumes and has a volume of $6 million at time of writing. Cumulative 30-day trading volume and average 24-hour holdings are automatically calculated daily at 00:00 (UTC). They will eventually destroy 100 million BNB, leaving 100 million BNB remaining.
i.e. The model I wrote neglected an income source that could become significant, namely income from their VC arm BinanceLabs. Implied Annual profit at time of Q2 Burn = Burn Q2 (USD) x 5 [as it is 20% of profit] x 4 [as it is Quarterly value], Implied Market Cap of Binance Exchange = Implied Annual profit at Q2 Burn x 51 = $38,628 million, Implied Market Cap of Binance Coin = Implied Market Cap of Binance Exchange x 20% = $7,726 million, Implied Fair Price of BNB Coin = Implied Market Cap of Binance Coin / Circulating Supply = $78, Implied Fair Price of BNB Coin = Implied Market Cap of Binance Coin / Total Supply = $39.


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