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There are at least three other PAP backends available on the net (Duncan Gibb [based on Rupi]: This only works if you have fixed the A2SERVER commands as, It is also possible to have CUPS on the Banana Pi handle it. When the printer driver is displayed, go to Step 12. If your computer has a card reader built in, some of the following entries will be slightly different.14). The driver for the Banana Pi's on-board Ethernet port is unable to transport AppleTalk.

Please note that some information on the A2SERVER website is outdated. (Substitute ”USER_NAME“ and ”IP_ADDRESS“ with the appropriate values.). Now you are asked to set the default options for your printer. You don't have to answer them. Too many to keep track of them. This should return something like. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Setting up an AppleTalk file- and printserver for Classic Mac OS and OS X, Compile Armbian (Debian 8 Jessie) with AppleTalk for Banana Pi, Amend the path variable to the executables, 3) Software installation and configuration on the BPi, [OPTIONAL] Install printing system (CUPS), Share your AppleTalk printer to the network, Download the latest "VirtualBox platform package" for OS X hosts and, if your SD card reader is connected via USB, the "Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack", Adobe Universal PostScript Windows Driver,,,,,,,,,, CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International. Start VirtualBox and create a virtual machine by clicking on “New”. If you have answered ”y“ to whether Windows machines should be able to connect as well, you are next asked to enter your workgroup name. Run the following test entry to verify: (If necessary, substitute ”sdb“ in this entry for the appropriate value in your system.) On my search for a suitable solution I found A2SERVER by Ivan Drucker which provides the core for the former part (you can even connect an Apple ][ to it). You should keep a copy of the compiled image in a safe place, in case you have to burn it onto a new SD card in the future. However, as we need AppleTalk in the kernel (the real thing – so via DDP instead of IP), those images are of no use to us. To check the printer name, select [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [Network Settings] - [AppleTalk Settings] on this machine. Give it an appropriate name (if it contains “Xenial” and “x64”, VirtualBox will set type and version automatically). Change to your home folder and download the archive containing the PAP backend25) there: Move the PAP backend to the CUPS backend folder: Remove the remaining folder with the license file: In order to configure your printer in CUPS you need to add your user name to the lpadmin group: Then you enable printer sharing and remote administration: Now amend the CUPS config file (copy-paste all lines at once into Terminal and press enter): To prevent the spool folder at /var/spool/cups from growing endlessly, configure CUPS to delete print jobs once they have been handled: You could also choose to keep the job files for a certain amount of time26). When AppleTalk was first introduced, the dominant office computing platform was the PC compatible running MS-DOS. : ”“. Theoretically you could attach a second HDD via USB. Check whether the shares were properly appended to AppleVolumes.default by entering: In my case the last lines of the response look like this: For Netatalk to properly handle the newly shared volume(s), have it create .volinfo and AppleDouble files for them: We need to set Netatalk to use the USB-to-Ethernet adapter instead of the on-board Ethernet port. Confirm the following warning with ”yes“. However, that might result in OS X/Mac OS to sometimes also connect to A2SERVER via Samba, resulting in the consequences described above. A year later AppleShare PC was released, allowing PCs to access AppleShare file servers. Configure and let it download and prepare the required repositories:13). For now, connect the BPi to the Ethernet using the onboard Ethernet slot. There were many search results leading to many threads of different forums helping me find my way. Click on “Open”. It needs to be stored on a system able to handle these. The printer driver for the selected printer is displayed in [Print Using:]. Also for other questions keep the pre-selected settings. This has to be done now as otherwise Samba might not work correctly, which comes with the A2SERVER package. Enter ”1234“ (standard for a new Armbian installation).

Again list your volumes in order to obtain the id of your HDD: This time you need the other line beginning with ”ata“, the one NOT ending on ”-part1“. Add your printer via “Printers & Scanners” in the OS X System Preferences. AppleTalk connection is supported in Mac OS 9.2/OS X 10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5. Software-wise thanks go to Ivan Drucker for his indispensable A2SERVER forming the core of the NAS, to Thomas Kaiser for the time on updating his PAP backend, to Igor Pecovnik for the support at the Armbian forum, and at to adespoton for his tip on backup via rsync (not covered here) and general insight and to ClockWise, Ronald P. Regensburg and Cat_7 for running/maintaining the site and their support in hosting this guide. In the browser, click on “Add Printer” (this is only to trigger the authentication dialog – you may have to do this twice until the auth dialog appears). Terminal should return something like this: My printer and its LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge are recognized as ”LaserWriter 4/600 PS“ and ”AsantéTalk“. ”n“ → enter Go to the settings to remove the disk image with “Remove Disk from Virtual Drive”. There are more of these commands to be found over here (referring to the most recent version of A2SERVER).22) That list is also displayed in Terminal via: Use Page up to scroll to the beginning of the list. Copy-paste this into Terminal:27). At the time of writing this (April 2017), version 1.5 is installed when running the installer script for Ubuntu or Debian. After a moment your AppleTalk printer should appear among the available printers. You will be asked to enter the root password. Except when asked to select software, choose “Samba file server” and “OpenSSH server”12) (select by pressing space). Press the power button and wait until the Banana Pi has booted again. In that case do so and ignore the remaining instructions under “Adding the printer to. Secondly I was still looking for an inexpensive and practical way to share my old LocalTalk printer to the network (while I already owned a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge). The one ending on ”-part1“ represents the first partition of your HDD. Then go to Terminal and connect to it via SSH: (Substitute ”IP_ADDRESS“ with the one you just found out.). See. When the printer list appears, click [Add].

OpenSSH is needed so you can control the virtual machine from Terminal in, Explanation of the entry: “KERNEL_ONLY=no”: We need a whole system, not just the kernel – “KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes”: We need AppleTalk and therefore have to configure the kernel – “BUILD_DESKTOP=no”: We don't want a, Not sure how to access a built-in reader from VirtualBox. In Mac OS X 10.4, select [Built-in Ethernet], then click [Configure...]. So if the HDD has not been accessed for 20 minutes it will be spun down. It is also possible to have the Banana Pi manage the PPD. It will be added to the USB Device Filters list. From the [Printer Name] list, select the desired printer that is connected via AppleTalk. For some reason Adobe does not provide the Mac PPD for the Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS anymore. Before actually adding shares, if you have chosen to unshare the A2FILES directory as described earlier, this has only taken effect for AFP, not for Samba. Again connect to it via SSH from Terminal, this time with your new user account: If you want your file server to be able to act as print server as well, you need to install a printing system. Based on this blog – read for detailed information on which parts to buy.2), The Banana Pi has two Micro USB ports. So now we fix ”showip“ to display the IP address of the default network interface: These fixes are partly taken from a discussion at on how to make the four ”show…“ entries more robust. Make sure to eject the SD card from your OS X host (a dialog might pop up on OS X). From [Macintosh HD] - [Applications] - [Utilities], double-click [Printer Setup Utility] or [Print Center] to open it. Now you should also be able to connect to the Banana Pi via AFP by clicking on the Apple server symbol in the sidebar of a Finder window.


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