american dragons mythology
Measuring some 30 feet long to 12 feet high, the depictions of the Piasa Bird are the largest petroglyphs ever documented in aboriginal America. In addition to the medieval dragons of Europe, fabulous dragon-like monsters show up in folklore of the American Indians of the North American plains, and the Maya and Aztecs, most famously as the plumed serpent god Quetzalcoatl. Greek mythology includes several battles with serpent-monsters as well. Wikimedia CommonsIn this fourth-century ancient Egyptian sculpture, the god Horus slays Set, who’s in the form of a crocodile. Because Dragon myth and legend is so closely tied to Snakes, it can help you better understand Dragon as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal if you read all about Snake Symbolism and Meaning. Even if Dragon is not your Chinese Zodiac Sign, it is important to read about the personality, traits and characteristics. All Dragon spirits have alchemical power, which means they hope to turn you into “gold” spiritually. on! The carvings were made on the sheer face of the cliff. According to Professor Yoshida, the Piasa Bird resembles the dragon depicted by Seikoh Kano in his painting for the ceiling of the Hachi-Rai shrine at Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture. The type of Dragon spirit that you encounter may give you a clue: As in the legends of St. George and St. Margaret of Antioch (both Dragon slayers), Dragons represent the Devil. Michael Witzel, a Harvard University scholar of Sanskrit, proposed that two branches of culture among early Homo sapiens diverged along lines of settlement and migration, and brought their distinctive dragon myths with them. The dragons of Chinese legend dwelled in distant waters, and although usually wingless, they could fly. In Chinese imagery, dragons symbolize imperial rule and good fortune. Not in real life, anyway. But, when something as large and seemingly ‘unbeatable’ as a Dragon is teamed up with an element, well, that’s P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. PixabayThe thunder dragon on the flag of Bhutan, a small nation in the Himalayas. This ties Dragon Spirit to Geomancy and the forces that connect all things on the Earth together. The never ending battles between knights and Dragons reflect the inner struggle of human kind to come to terms with the Spiritual or Ethereal nature. The setup is very similar to depictions of the myth of St. George, though it predates the myth by about 800 years. Do not engage this part of yourself without a worthy cause. Those who have Dragon as a Totem Animal are fierce. Dragon is a rare and powerful Spirit Animal, and you may find yourself quite intimidated by this creature upon initial introductions. Dragon teaches you responsibility for your soul and how to live a life of honor. Here it’s worth noting two exceptions to the benevolence characteristic of the Asian dragons. Over time, its required tribute goes from animals to humans, and, inevitably, the princess of the land. Stories of Dragons protecting the secret and sacred entryways to other realms are common in Celtic and Druid folklore. Western and Asian dragons are very similar in appearance, but not identical, and their mythical roles tend to be even more distinct. The first discovery of the Piasa Bird was reported in 1673, when French Canadian explorers Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet sighted a painting of the creature as they navigated the river near present-day Alton, Illinois. A representation of the legendary creature. Notice the precious pearl in its mouth. One … Now, all Totem Animals ‘belong’ to an element. There are various cultures in the world, which feature the dragons in their mythology. But if that continuity is straightforward to trace historically — like Zen Buddhism and the Kanji script, other cultural mainstays borrowed from China — other cultural parallels are harder to explain. As with other Mesopotamian myths, the Bible contains echoes of this battle. Famous African Dragons include dragons from all over the continent of Africa, including Egypt and Southern Africa. But you know exactly what they look like. Such Greek myths contain additional motifs familiar to the canonical dragon cycle — in this case, the characteristic of dragons as jealous guards of a golden treasure. Wikimedia CommonsThe Chinese goddess Nüwa, who cleaned up China after a dragon’s mess, had the head of a human and the body of a snake. In this fourth-century ancient Egyptian sculpture, the god Horus slays Set, who’s in the form of a crocodile. And much of the dragon imagery in other Asian countries, particularly Japan and Vietnam, adapts designs long ago influenced by the Chinese. The setup is very similar to depictions of the myth of St. George, though it predates the myth by about 800 years. Well, Cherokee legend has something called Uktena. India and its South Asian neighbors also have ancient dragon traditions. The dragons of Africa range from the great Rainbow Serpent of Dahmoey Myth to the Great Healing Serpent Masingi to the dangerous Wadjet, who ate the souls of the unjust. St. George rides into town on his horse and, learning of the people’s plight, agrees to kill the dragon as long as everybody there converts to Christianity. Required fields are marked *. The couple gave their assent, and Susano’o hid Kushinadahime by transforming her into a comb, which he placed in his hair for safekeeping. Both the American Piasu and the Japanese dragon have talons, are winged, bearded, horned, and are multi-colored. Delve deeply in Dragon symbolism and meaning to find out how this animal spirit guide can motivate, stir, and enlighten you. In this setting your Dragon Spirit Animal teaches you to roar – finding your voice, being heard and truly understood. Dreaming about a Dragon in a treasure cave represents those things you hold dear, or potentially things you hide from others. Druk or the ‘Thunder Dragon’ is the national personification of Bhutanese culture, mythology and monarchy.To that end, the elaborately scaled drake is prominently featured in Bhutan’s national flag and national anthem (Druk tsendhen), while the Himalaya-nestled nation itself is called as Druk Yul (in Dzongkha), which translates to the ‘Land of Druk’. Are you drawn to the healing arts or seek to help others? In late antiquity, a popular subject for pre-Christian devotion in the Balkans showed a rider on a horse, which was often rearing up on its hind legs, sometimes spearing an animal, or sometimes beside a tree around which a snake curled itself. Dragon symbolism plays heavily in the legends of the Celts where it is associated with all four elements and cardinal directions. Your email address will not be published. Dragon appreciates those who do not use his energy imprudently. Dragons guide such individuals toward brilliance and, indeed, enlightenment. Gigantic Kailasa Temple Emerging From A Mountainside: Engineering Marvel Of India’s Master Builders, Ancient Societies Ruled By Ruthless Dictators – Collapsed, Mysterious 8,000-Year-Old Petroglyphs Of Unknown Beings Of Sego Canyon, Utah, Mystery Of The 290-Million-Year-Old Zapata Footprint In New Mexico, Zagros Mountains: Home To Tribes, Kingdoms And Empires For Thousands Of Years, Cupbearer – Prestigious And Dangerous Profession In Many Ancient Cultures Throughout History, Basajaun: Giant Blacksmith, ‘Lord Of The Woods’ And How People Learned Secrets Of Agriculture. After order of the heavens and Earth were established, a restless dragon named Gonggong rebelled and brought chaos upon the land. Throughout Celtic realms what we call Ley Lines are called Dragon Lines. Metaphysically, Dragon’s shape-shifting abilities equate to a Shaman’s mastery over the Elements, power to transform into various Animals, and the ability to enter Dreamtime. It’s a serpent with horns or antlers that lives in calm waters. In the Christian era, these soldiers gave way to images of unnamed militant saints in the same pose, but now killing a snake. 3-D Facial Reconstruction Of Egyptian Queen Sparks Controversy, MUL.APIN Tablets: Babylonian Knowledge Of Astronomy And Astrology Recorded In Cuneiform Writing, Re-Writing History Of England’s Domesday Book Of William I The Conqueror. In the Far East, the Dragon symbolism and meaning is all about the authority of the Emperor (who for a long time in history was the designated “dreamer” for the entire Country). Then read about Scathach, the legendary warrior woman of Ireland. But for centuries, there was no connection between him and any kind of dragon story. This may naturally be a pure coincidence, but it’s an interesting observation.


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