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The suit continued to heat up and burnt Dooley's skin.

Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Carter explained that she saw newspapers inside that showed that the members were rigging the Senatorial election; Daniel Sousa cited that when they listen to the eavesdropping devices that Carter planted, there will be proof, but Carter told him that that mission was a failure. Origin Thompson at the site where Stark's weapons are found, Thompson witnessed Dooley seriously reprimand Carter; when she apologized to Thompson for disrupting his interrogation, he did not accept it.

When Carter and Sousa left, Vernon Masters returned. 519-438-8004. [7], Thompson was able to get the SSR a search warrant for Isodyne Energy Headquarters.[13]. Thompson told Sousa that he needed a compass as well and that it would be on the other side of the row of lockers. Frank quickly agreed and explained he had seen a well dressed man and a dark haired woman enter the The Heartbreak. With Dooley dead, Thompson was now the acting chief of the SSR. During World War II, Thompson was part of the invasion of Iwo Jima, the United States of America's first attack against Japanese territory. When Underwood and her henchmen arrived, Thompson and his men pretended to be hostages. As a result, Thompson became the new chief of the SSR's New York office.

As he was handing out assignments, he spotted Sousa leaving; he asked him why and Sousa explained he was planning on doing some real police work.

They went to see Hugh Jones, the president of the Roxxon Corporation to find out what he knew about the implosion. Merovingian | Back in the U.S., Thompson and Carter reported to Dooley and told him of their findings. As Carter attempted to escape the building, she was ambushed by Dottie Underwood, who knocked her out be kissing her with Sweet Dreams Lipstick. Just as Sousa left, a lead developed. During the fight, Jackson and Johnson are knocked out and were separated from Thompson, leaving him to fight Neo alone momentarily. He prepares to intervene until Smith stops him and Thompson could only react horrifically before Smith proceeds to absorb him, rendering Thompson into a Smith clone - even though Thompson manages to survive due to his abilities as an Agent. Alias Thompson spoke to Jarvis before he took off, where Jarvis revealed he had never shot a man down before. Carter wondered why he was in Los Angeles instead of interrogating Dottie Underwood, citing his original unsuccessful attempt, but Thompson told her to remember her place. Thompson then invited Carter for some drinks.[6]. Thompson made his final appearance at the Nuclear Power Plant in an attempt to stop Trinity after she helped Neo reach The Architect. Sousa interrogated Frank, with no results.

During his fight with Trinity, Jackson appeared and the two agents tried to kill Trinity with their weapons. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Agent Carter: 2.09: A Little Song and Dance, Agent Carter: 1.04: The Blitzkrieg Button, Masters asked Thompson if he wanted to be irrelevant by staying with the SSR, or to find something meaningful in another organization; Thompson chose the latter. Agents (Agent Smith, Agent Jones, Agent Brown & Agent Johnson) | Sousa went inside the cinema room while Thompson and Carter inspected the bodies, all of whom suffered horrific fatal injuries, caused by each other. REALTOR ® Profile.

As Trinity escapes, Thompson follows and the pair shoot at each other as they both fall down into the ground. The translated message stated that Howard Stark would be in Belarus to receive a cheque for one of his inventions. Thompson appeared when Neo was in the midst of battling against Agent Smith and his escalating army of clones. Despite Thompson's protests, Masters assured him that it was all fine and invited him for a drink to explain his reasons for the interruption. During the interrogation, Jarvis stayed calm and evasive about how Stark's car was at the Roxxon Refinery, until Thompson threatened to have Ana Jarvis deported. Sousa remained confident that he had found a worthwhile lead as he believed that the man had seen what happened at the dock. He picked it up and was sprayed a strange gas, he began to choke and cough so Thompson ran to his aid. He aimed his gun at the pair, believing he could arrest them, but Carter was able to disarm him and knock him out. After six months, Thompson set up an ambush for the Soviet operative in the Bowery Savings Bank. Eventually, Thompson had learned that Masters had been working with Whitney Frost and assisted in bringing them both to justice, but Thompson was unexpectedly shot by Michael Carter and left for dead in his room before he could return to New York City. Thompson laughed as he said that he had a compass, while Sousa and Carter felt embarrassed. After returning from Nuremberg, Dooley noticed that the Remote Typewriter had produced a new message and had a Cryptographer from Virginia come to decode it, Thompson promoted and tested the translator to get the best result as quickly as possible; however, Peggy Carter deciphered the code. Thompson tries in vain to save Roger Dooley, When they returned, Ivchenko was gone and Dooley was in a Stark Heat Vest. Thompson scanned Miles Van Ert and he came up negative; however, Carter knew that Van Ert was at the refinery, so she asked if the locker room of the employees could be scanned.

Peggy Carter learned from Daniel Sousa that Thompson was having a meeting on the mission; she pretended to serve coffee and to be wanting time off in order to eavesdrop. Thompson asked him about his research and found him learning the background of Agnes Cully from Oklahoma. Carter and Sousa finally arrived in the Strategic Scientific Reserve branch dicussing how the newspapers already had an article when Thompson, sitting at Sousa's desk, asked what they were just arriving at work. Email. Thompson then showed her his revised report and ordered her to sign it to conclude the Wilkes case; Carter refused, saying that that was not what happened and that Wilkes was not a spy.

Peggy Carter revealed that Thompson did not have enough evidence to charge Edwin with a crime, so he was released. Doctor Ivchenko told Dooley, Carter, and Thompson that he was captured by Leviathan and the lives of himself and his family were threatened if he did not cooperate. Appearance Also, he can be seen thumbing away at the safety for his firearm, a rare sight in any action film. Working … He asked Sousa what it was about Peggy Carter that made him leave the New York Bell Company Office to go to Los Angeles; Sousa said that he left because he got a promotion to "Chief", not because of heartbreak, as Thompson was implying, citing that he was soon to be engaged. To escape, Trinity jumps out through the building window and Thompson follows her. As soon as Thompson came near him Sousa went into a murderous rage and attacked him, punching Carter and trying to strangle Thompson, only to be stopped when a police officer hit him, knocking him out.[12].

She told them that she believed that Ivchenko was working for the enemy and communicating with them. Thompson would also play a game called "Piccadilly Commandos" with his comrades.[4]. Looking to buy or sell around our Ontario Lakes? Dooley told Thompson to stay with him as Krzeminski was told to investigate the imploded mass. Thompson made joking remarks about Sousa upon his return to the SSR offices. Sousa saw Carter in her underclothes and she quickly turned her back to him.

Twins |

Upon arriving, Thompson wished that he had brought his golf clubs because of how nice the city was. Thompson's loyalties were tested as Vernon Masters attempted to dismantle the SSR while Thompson was working on an investigation with Daniel Sousa. Thompson wondered why the Strategic Scientific Reserve could not keep the item and deliver it; Masters insisted that he must. Eventually, they found the body of Leet Brannis and clues that a woman was somehow involved in his death.[2].

Andrew J. Maloney – B.Sc., M.B.A., J.D.

KELLER WILLIAMS LIFESTYLES REALTY. Thompson then asked what the most important part of his name was. On their way out, Sawyer killed a Leviathan soldier standing guard in a hallway, and Thompson ordered him to stay at that position to alert them of any other soldier that could appear. After taking possession of a bluepill who was witnessing the fight between the many Smiths and Neo, he is almost immediately confronted by a Smith before he could interfere with the battle, and immediately recognizes him ("You!


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