ace austin finisher

Rich Swann came to the ring on crutches and called out Scott D’Amore. Willie Mack def. Tommy catches Brian coming in with a back elbow and clotheslines him before accidentally chopping the post. - Backstage Fallah Bahh steals the wad of crash from Hernandez when he's in the shower. Click here to learn more. Rosemary hits a running splash in the corner into an exploder suplex for two before rocking Tasha with a back elbow. Trey Miguel tried to get a title shot out of Rohit Raju, but he continued to give him the runaround claiming it was still a battle between Chris Bey and TJP for the title shot.

I guess they’re still trying to raise money to buy ad time to convince IMPACT management to sign Heath. The show opened with a graphic dedicating the episode to the memory of Barry Scott, the longtime voiceover artist of TNA Wrestling. Austin did this on purpose, and in fact borrowed the "setup maneuver" concept from one of the very best: The legendary Jake "The Snake" Roberts was fond of using a short arm clothesline before tearing into his devastating DDT finishing move. Ace Austin by Gentlemensgentleman, but with Signatures and Finisher. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Winner: Tommy Dreamer defeats Brian Myers via disqualification. Myers controlled the early action after a legsweep on the ramp. #Ace-Austin; #kick; #ACE; #Combo They wring each other's arms before Jake hits an atomic drop and he and Cody punch Johnny before Cody gets the tag. - After the match we find out that the title wasn't on the line after all and Jordynne got the win, but not the title. Complete with logic, moveset, and four attires. He can hold his own when it comes to being technical as well and unlike a lot of modern indy wrestlers, he doesn't always rely on big spots.

Wrestling is all about theatrics, and the kick adds a "beat of anticipation" to perk up the audience before he unleashed the actual move. Similar to the Ace Crusher and other maneuvers, Austin's Stunner is relatively simple to pull off. Lots of submission work from TJP. With a boot to the stomach, Austin would cause his opponent to lean over in pain, putting their head in the perfect position. Rosemary comes in and she and Taya double up on Kiera before Tasha comes in and gets hit with a side slam. Ace falls back into Fulton who hits a snake eyes to Alex and drops him with a boot before driving him into the corner repeatedly. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the table in the near future. Rosemary locks in the Upside Down before Kiera attacks Rosemary from ringside and rolls her back into the ring. This led to the Good Brothers offering their support for an 8-man tag. Copyright 2020 Shazzu, Inc. All Rights Reserved. - We go to Jimmy Jacobs with Rich Swann and his doctor during physical therapy before Eric Young shows up and attacks him as we go to commercial. Susie pinned Kimber Lee with the Panic Switch. Tommy misses a diving elbow of his own before Brian hits a DDT for a near fall and brings a kendo stick into the ring. All rights reserved. Ryno Wrestling Review Episode 123: Indy Superstar Camaro Jackson Joins The Show! He sells almost every move as well which can be hard to find in a wrestler nowadays.

A new entrant to Impact Wrestling, Ace Austin has steadily climbed the 205-pound and under middleweight division in 2019 with impressive wins over veteran Rich Swann and most recently DJZ. From his career's start to his main storyline introduction. Rohit takes a lot of time taking the title off before Willie comes back down to ringside and has a tug of war with Rohit over the title. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Austin modified the move with a little setup kick to the gut, and the rest is history. - EC3 cuts a promo about how Moose has written his own narrative and how he needs to give up material possessions before EC3 throws the TNA World Heavyweight title over a bridge and into the water as we go to commercial. Ace and Chris dropkick each other before Chris locks in a straight arm bar and Alex gets the blind tag.

Austin Theory was initially underutilized in the WWE. - Backstage Motor City Machine Guns are interviewed backstage ahead of their non-title match against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton before The Good Brothers show up and reiterate that they are coming for the tag belts at BFG. Ryno Wrestling Review Episode 119: Slammiversary/Extreme Rules Previews, & Your Emails. Good back and forth action early on, before the heels worked over Susie with quick tags and dominant offense. It was announced that The Rascalz have not been cleared to compete, so their main event with MCMG is off. Dan is back, with a special ‘PWI 500’ edition of the Ryno …, Dan flies solo on the latest edition of the Ryno Wrestling Review. He has previously wrestled notably for All Elite Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling and throughout the American independent scene. Ace Austin The Fold GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4 SD GIF HD GIF MP4. A really promising talent in the wrestling world, he has been making strides with his development. Stone Cold Stunner - The Stunner is easily one of the most well-known finishers in modern wrestling times.

D’Amore reiterated that he wasn’t clear, but Swann doesn’t care and says he’ll be in fighting shape by Bound for Glory. Winner: The Rascalz defeat Team XXXL via pinfall. He can hold his own when it comes to being technical as well and unlike a lot of modern indy wrestlers, he doesn't always rely on big spots. Aliyah made the save by attacking Blackheart, accidentally ruining Io Shirai's photo shoot. Steelz blatantly attacked Taya while the referee was distracted, and helped Hogan get the upset win. Ace Austin The Fold GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4 SD GIF HD GIF MP4. We come back to Larry in control of Dez until he gets the hot tag to Wentz who hits Larry with a flurry of kicks. Tommy punches Brian and drops him with a bionic elbow before hitting a cutter for two. EY hits the ring, the two get into a wild brawl with Swann swinging like a madman, and D’Amore went down in the chaos. Rohit is then shocked when Jordynne Grace comes out to answer the challenge. April 4, 2015 Austin James Highly is an American professional wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling under the ring name Ace Austin, and is a former IMPACT X Division Champion. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Plus Kimber Lee vs. Susie, and Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace. MCMG double team and isolate Ace as Fulton becomes visibly infuriated. We would like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates. IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee. ", The Stunner wasn't Austin's original finisher, or even his own invention. Heyes came up and showed him the move, saying that wrestler John Laurinaitis was using it in Japan to great effect.

The commentary is back again as Steve and Jake start the match before Johnny tags himself in. Austin's true genius — and, arguably, the thing that made the Stone Cold Stunner so popular — was the addition of the kick to the gut he used as a setup. The Stunner wasn't Austin's original finisher, or even his own invention. - We come back to John E. Bravo with his team helping him plan his wedding. Get to know Ace Austin's entire biography. Alex tells Alex that he may be a machine gun, but he's a damned bazooka before Alex counters a delayed suplex.


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