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Profile of the Organisation


Legal Foundation


The National Burn Association SA, formerly the Thandi Foundation was constituted in January 2008 as a Voluntary Association and registered as a Non Profit Organisation in May 2010, to promote Burn Safety Awareness and Emotional Rehabilitation of Burn Survivors. We subscribe to the Department of Social Development Code of Good Practices and Transparent Governance and our Advisory Board oversees the functions of management.




The first objective of the NBASA is to disseminate information to the people of South Africa on how to prevent deaths, injuries and property loss due to fires and burns (According to Fire Protection Association of South Africa 2013 stats, insured losses exceed R 2 billion per annum) .


The second objective is to emotionally support those affected by burns ( abt 44 000 burns incidents per annum Markinor survey 2013).



A: Public Education in Burns Prevention (Programmes and Projects)


yesZero Burns© Week Awareness Campaign


To achieve our first objective we run various Awareness Campaigns using all media (print, radio, TV, Social Media).The campaigns highlight targeted safety messages. We are attempting to initiate a  “Zero Burns© Week” to be held annually in May ( in National Burn Safety week). We also try to convey many of these safety messages through the use of arts and culture. e.g. dramatic presentations.  


yesFun2Teach Fire Safety ©Programme


Is a program that uses volunteer educators to teach burn safety in a fun and interactive way to the public ( all ages from pre school to the Aged) 


yesIndustrial Theatre


The purpose of the Educational/ Industrial Theatre Project is three-fold:

a) to allow our beneficiaries to perform as part of their 'healing' process

b) each performance is aimed to teach/ inform school children or senior citizens from indigent communities preventative education messages around fire and burn safety

c) the stipend earned from each performance contributes to the burn survivors self sufficiency



B: Interventions for Burn Survivors and their Caregivers (Programmes and Projects)


winkWhat’s App /Social Media group(s)


Our primary intervention for beneficiaries is to add them to our What’s App group at their request. This allows them to interact with other beneficiaries to share problems, find friends and realise that they are not ‘alone’.  We currently have a NBASA Crew group, an NBASA Ladies group, a Rehabilitative choir group…

For those beneficiaries without a cellphone, we are promoting a small ‘Second –hand Cell Campaign’, where people donate their ‘old’ smartphones, which then are donated to new members. The chat group is ‘monitored’ so as to pick up any areas of concern/ people in need of other interventions such as counselling.


winkYOUTH-on-Fire Rehabilitative Choir


This choir comprises regular members of the community that work with our beneficiaries (burn survivors) to help them with the ‘reintegration back into society’ process. The choir rehearses weekly, and sings at events, functions and form the core of our Industrial theatre group. Last year they sang at the meet and greet of the SAESI conference, and on a Christmas radio show with Gillian Godsell at Radio Jozi.  They have performed for the Park Care frail Centre, and with the likes of Navi Redd and the Wits Choir.   

We are planning a theatrical show, along with some celebrities in the near future, the purpose of which is the reintegration process, burn safety messages and  organisational awareness.


winkSocial Clubs


Social Clubs are the secondary intervention for burn survivors to be introduced to NBASA. They meet once a month in the community and interact with other burn survivors. We arrange activities and outings that are designed to promote the emotional wellbeing and self esteem of burn survivors and their caregivers.


winkLocal Camps


Camps that have specific objectives and outcomes for the implementation of strategic interventions are ongoing as the need arises. Every camp has a therapeutic and rehabilitation component.


winkInternational Burns Jamboree


NBASA’s founding directors were instrumental in conceptualizing, initiating and successfully hosting the very first International Burns Camp. It was hosted in Johannesburg, SA in 2006 and created an international collaboration that continues to this day. Camps have since been held in 2008 in Canada and 2010 in England. Once again the 2013 Jamboree was hosted in Johannesburg by NBASA.  Fundraising has started for the August 2017 Jamboree to be held in the UK again. We hope to send 2-3 youth delegates and chaperone(s) to the Jamboree.


enlightenedNBASA Centre


In order to create a meaningful and focused application of our objectives, particularly the second objective which is to emotionally rehabilitate those affected by burns, there needs to be a dedicated, physical Centre available for those affected by burns. It will have available accommodation, in the form of living areas, recreation areas, sports fields, games room, Audio Visual room, Counseling rooms, remedial classrooms, kitchen and dining and lounging areas. A hall with seating and a stage for our productions and rehearsals. Ongoing fundraising is needed to realise this goal.


enlightenedEntrepreneurship Program (not yet established)


NBASA exists for the development of self help groups for burn survivors. One of the strategies is to create self employment for burn survivors through the development of a co-op whereby burn survivors are trained, skilled and supported to operate their own Co-Operative managed by NBASA to sell safety equipment such as  smoke detectors, Burn Shield products and to promote burns safety.


NOTE re Therapy

All therapy is done through partnerships with universities. We interact with Social Work departments at Wits for psychological therapy; and the Somatology dept at UJ for skin therapy. We also provide counselling via SADAG for the burn survivors that request it.


Board of Directors


Strategy and Planning - Colin Lee            062 662 4862

Communications – Sharon Jones         074 130 7186

Finances – Belinda Goddard                                                     0827843569

Community Liaison: – Selepe Madisha                                      0727446764;

Ambassadors: -  Tiego Mokoka ; Zenzile Rens; Kimberley Molala


Public Educator:-  (Andile) Lennox Majola