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Ambassador Selwyn Tiego Makoka

Society has lost all essence of the true meaning of beauty. We look around us and see touched images of a false reality. The truth is never found in what has been shown to us.

My name is Tiego Selwyn Letlhogonolo Mokoka and I am a burn survivor. Had it not been for my uncle that statement would have been greatly altered. At the age of six he saved me from a burning car, set alight by a playful minor. Having been hospitalized for 3 yrs, with the support of my family and Friend, I claimed the title of survivor.

My newest mission in life is to breed new survivors and end the terminology of victim. I want to redefine the standards of beauty for children who have experienced similar injuries to mine. It is not the scars that make the man, but his heart.

Creating awareness is of major importance to me, we have to get them out into the light and let them see the sun. Families and Society should start showing the same support shown to me during my ordeal. These children deserve a life like any other child and I aim to make that happen.

I have learned to look beyond myself and experience life to the fullest, and from that I am the proud father. How beautiful would it be to hear other survivors say the same? Beautiful. Let us gather the strength we have as a society and make a useful change.

I'm not my face nor my excruciating experience
I am Tiego Mokoka a product of love born to give all the greatness I possess from my inner being

T- Teach