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Ambassador Kim Molala

My Success Story – Life beyond disability , Life beyond scars


I was involved in a fire accident 16 years ago at the tender of 13, I spent almost a year in hospital which affected me academically… it hasn’t been easy dealing with scars and living with a disability but my focus in the past 16 years has always been looking beyond and conquering against all odds.


Dealing with the trauma

During my hospitalisation I went through trauma, I lost my self-esteem and confidence.

I was young, angry and shattered(mostly confused) with unanswered questions, every day was a challenge and always wished I could escape into a perfect world unknown and come back just fine  but I realise now that I had to go through it in order to physically heal  and having sensitive skin and lack of proper health treatment at the time  didn’t help matters which affected and drained me emotionally.


New Chapter in my life

I went back to school the following year and had to face life on a new level, trying to adjust to a new chapter in my life meant making new friends and overcoming  stares , mockings and people talking behind my back and having to explain and proving myself that I’m fine even though at times I knew I wasn’t fine just so that I can fit in, this was a new chapter in my life completely.


It dawned on me  that this was not going away and the fact that I was still alive and not dead led to me having to understand and accept the new me, because of this I knew deep down that I still had purpose in life to continue living life to the fullest and that I had the power to imagine better and action those imaginations. The decision was made together with my family and doctors that I would stop with the on-going surgical operations so that I can focus on my education then decide thereafter if I wanted to continue or not.

I matriculated in 2007  from Edenvale high School and took a gap year since I couldn’t  further my studies to tertiary level, I started looking for jobs so that I could sustain myself and take responsibility of my life as a young adult but it became challenging where at one point I was told I was not suitable for the job because of my disability and my scars.

The setback motivated me to keep  pushing and eventually an opportunity availed itself and got a permanent job at one of the global companies -Diplomat SA, they accepted me for who I am and believed that I had the potential to strive within the organization. I started as a reception and I’m currently a human resources administrator and because of the opportunity given by Diplomat SA I then  decided to further my studies and I’m currently studying towards a qualification in Human resources through UNISA.


Looking beyond the scars and looking beyond the disability

A  realisation that I was alive and not dead motivated me to confront  my fears throughout this years and to embrace life and to look beyond the disability and the scars. I came across an organisation  as I was researching about people who have been through the similar ordeal NBASA which stands for National Burn Association of South Africa, they emotionally rehabilitate those affected by burns through support groups and burn awareness safety measures. I know that I have purpose and because of that I love life and I want to live it to the fullest, I will not give up until the creator decides so and that will be the day I depart this living earth. I am beautiful in my own way  with a purpose and I have the power to imagine better and put those imaginations into action.


Beauty with a purpose, I share my story to inspire others – I am Kimberly Molala.